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Good Sam Insurance Agency Customer Reviews

The Good Sam Insurance Agency has been serving the needs of recreational vehicle owners for nearly 50 years. From our very first customer to the thousands we serve today, we have always prided ourselves on providing an excellent customer experience. We train our agents extensively to ensure that each and every customer gets the proper level of coverage for your unique RV lifestyle. Our goal is 100% complete customer satisfaction, and we’re pleased to earn some of the highest customer ratings in the industry. We encourage you to check out reviews from some of our current Good Sam Insurance customers below.
Good Sam Insurance Agency has partnered with Birdeye, a third-party reputation management company In an effort to get reliable customer feedback relating to our products and services, the Good Sam Insurance Agency has partnered with Birdeye, a third-party reputation management company. The Good Sam Insurance Agency trusts Birdeye to aquire relevent, honest reviews about your experience with our Agency so we may better serve you as our customer.
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11/24/2017 I live in Michigan and have stayed with the same insurance agency for several years thinking I was getting the best rates😳. Recently I received a mailing from Good Sam asking me to check them for a quote (no obligation). I decided to check their rates...after my state of shock passed upon receiving their rates, I found their rates to be what I consider a “no brainer” decision!!! THEY SAVED ME $3500.00 a year for a policy that included auto, Home RV and motorcycle insurance. The only regret....not shopping around long before this...I could have saved so much money over the last 8 years!! And Thank you Iretha at Good Sams, you Rock!!
11/24/2017 It's a little too early to talk about how you did. The sign up process was fine but the insurance hasn't even gone into effect yet..! Good Sam did fine on the initial setup but that is all I can comment on at this time.
11/24/2017 I was able to easily get coverage on both of my homes after my current agency would not renew my policies because they no longer worked with our agent. This is the second time the agency did this! They would not even recommend a different agent? I'm glad I'm no longer doing business with them!
11/24/2017 great! Thank you DAN
11/24/2017 Dan was wonderful
11/24/2017 Quoted us a package car, rv, umbrella insurance. After the sale for the RV and car was complete came back and said cannot do the umbrella. Agent has not called us back to speak with us personally and seems to be avoiding us. This needs to get resolved. We need the umbrella policy as quoted to us. This is inappropriate to do this AFTER the sale of the 2 other policies! I am thinking of calling BBB.
11/24/2017 Great service.
11/24/2017 Great rate & coverage. Far superior compared to Foremost RV ins. & $100 less per 6 mo. Great patient staff to walk you through whatever you need.
11/24/2017 you beat every ones price
11/24/2017 Nothing at this time.
11/24/2017 I found the CSR very knowledgeable and friendly. She put me at ease and was very helpful with everything.
11/24/2017 great service a little slow
11/24/2017 Very professional rep and excellent communication of coverage & options.
11/24/2017 Good rates! Other insurance can't compare ! Friendly, helpful . They can meet my needs.
11/24/2017 Outstanding Professional Service
11/23/2017 Took 3 times longer than they said, but it was Thanksgiving day, so I can't really complain. When tech arrived, he had me up and going within 5 minutes. So really pleased.
11/23/2017 Great service
11/23/2017 Everything went very well and we appreciate the service
11/23/2017 Continue to help keep the rates down.
11/23/2017 Was able to take care of all my insurance needs in one call
11/23/2017 Easy to use and response quick.
11/23/2017 Very good experience
11/23/2017 Nothing it was perfect easy and quick.
11/23/2017 Keep up the good work
11/23/2017 I had to get rid of that nightmare I bought and Good Sam set up the disposal. Very grateful to be extricated from that mess. Three days driving and three tows covered. Magnificent service.
11/23/2017 Nothing everything was great.
11/23/2017 Nothing! Very easy to use
11/23/2017 You were able to get me a great rate with minimal hassle.
11/23/2017 It was painless and filled our needs for insurance.
11/23/2017 Rep was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with
11/23/2017 the whole process of purchasing a new motorhome was so easy.
11/23/2017 friendly knowledgeable staff, competitive pricing
11/23/2017 Bundling a camper and car when both are in separate states can be a hassle but Good Sam knows what that means and how to make it work with fast, informative choices and service. Thanks Good Sam
11/23/2017 Nothing. Dolce was thorough and very informative.
11/23/2017 The experience with the agent (Salesman) on the phone was excellent. My problems started when I tried electronically to get my insurance ID. I am 72 years old and not very good with the computer. I found the progressive's insurance on line registration etc very complicated.
11/22/2017 personable & knowledgable agents. Great coverage options for a very good price. Offers more extras than the many other carriers.
11/22/2017 It was a very pleasant experience
11/22/2017 Great help fast response. Thanks
11/22/2017 Good customer service and process seemed to flow pretty straight forward.
11/22/2017 Everything was amaxing
11/22/2017 The customer relations was great I hope insurance is as good
11/22/2017 Doing good job I see no improvements to be made
11/22/2017 The agent I spoke with provided all the details about the insurance and it's coverage and it was half the price quote I received from my insurance company. She walked me through the process which was seamless, and I had everything completed to go to pick up my RV. I had a very good experience.
11/22/2017 Just keep up the good work!
11/22/2017 Provide any info, benefits, etc that comes with being a member of Good Sam. I just signed up yesterday but have yet to receive any info.
11/22/2017 Wonderful person
11/22/2017 Had a great experience.
11/22/2017 Experience was great and quote was fast
11/22/2017 Friendly, helpful agent.
11/22/2017 Idk,I was very satisfied with the way the agent(Tiffany)handles the call
11/22/2017 I appreciate the pricing and coverage that I finally received after a far longer conversation with Tiffany that was necessary. She continuously harped on the insurance that I have on my personal truck and my home. When I asked her to please focus on just the RV insurance, she became a bit argumentative. I was only looking for RV insurance; coverage that I have on existing property did not need to be discussed. I found her attitude regarding this offensive and unacceptable.
11/22/2017 The lady I spoke with on the phone was so nice and patient with me great service keep up the good work
11/22/2017 Good customer experience. Joe kept digging with questions until we had the bottom line with my RV, saving me some $450 from what Nationwide (who uses Good Sam as their agent from Allied!) for my annual policy.
11/22/2017 I think all is very good. Nothing I’d change
11/22/2017 The agent was very knowledgeable and searched for the best pricing to fit our budget.
11/22/2017 Great job, good quote.
11/22/2017 My experience was great with your agent Israel Colon....
11/22/2017 I am Pleased
11/22/2017 The agent was knowledgeable and patient about answering questions.
11/22/2017 Helped me get what I needed
11/22/2017 No need for improvement. Your agent was excellent!
11/22/2017 Nothing else
11/22/2017 Great job! Combined auto & rv policy. Good sam is a great fit for my needs! Thank you!
11/22/2017 Bundling insurance for a car and camper in separate states can be a hassle and Good Sam understands and easily matched me with choices. Thanks Good Sam
11/22/2017 agent's comments regarding driving record were out of line.
11/22/2017 My questions were answered and the person I worked with was very pleasant.
11/22/2017 Joe did an excellent job getting information to us.
11/22/2017 The quote process and obtaining coverage was quick and efficient. Very reasonably priced for full and replacement cost coverage
11/22/2017 Good, but I didn't like the idea of giving you our checking account info. That is really dangerous and your company should realize that. What are you thinking! I have no idea how you keep that info and who has access to it. I was disappointed that you would actually request it. So, i didn't give it to you.
11/22/2017 Kim was the best associate I have ever spoken with. Take very good care of her. Believe me, you DON’T want to lose her. Thanks for the fantastic expierence. Yours, Michael
11/22/2017 My rep was fast and friendly!
11/22/2017 Do exceeded out expectations, thank you!
11/22/2017 Quote was very competitive and professional
11/21/2017 You don’t need to do a thing. Everything was great!
11/21/2017 Great service
11/21/2017 Will need to think about it don't have any thing at this time
11/21/2017 You did just fine. Thank you.
11/21/2017 it was easy enough
11/21/2017 No problems. All good. Aaron did a great job!
11/21/2017 Melanie did a great job of finding insurance that met my needs.
11/21/2017 Dmitry was a professional and quickly saved us a lot of money with straight forward answers.
11/21/2017 Shakayla was amazing, she spent an incredible amount of time answering our questions and making sure we had the proper insurance for what we needed.
11/21/2017 Good of you to call Easy change over Courteous polite. Very helpful
11/21/2017 Quick, efficient, polite. I was very impressed.
11/21/2017 The application process was fast and easy. I found the rates very reasonable.
11/21/2017 Quick & efficient!
11/21/2017 Personnel Staci and Tammy were knowledgeable and professional. My experience was quick and painless.
11/21/2017 Was able to get all my needs taken care of in just one call .
11/21/2017 Great experience
11/21/2017 Great help from agent David Mathews
11/21/2017 Jesus Flores took my call and was very helpful in explaining coverage and costs. He exemplifies customer service!
11/21/2017 Good rates and info
11/21/2017 Nothing really your guy answered all my questions thank
11/21/2017 Very fast and easy to understand online sign up. That's great to hear, Debra; we've been working hard to improve and are excited to hear that it worked well for you. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to let us know. We'd love to help you - whether online or by phone. Thanks again from your friends at the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
11/21/2017 Nothing!!!
11/21/2017 The service I got while talking to the agent was excellent, she handled all of my need and explained everything in detail, and saved me a lot of money, Thank you!
11/21/2017 There was a miscommunication between the agent and myself.
11/21/2017 Please send all paperwork to the finance manager when you purchase an rv through the Camping World. The Finance Manager, requests that I speak to your insurance company first, before using my own company. After all you need the insurance info.including the card in case you get pulled over after the purchase. I had been in Business Management and marketing for very large companies for well over 30 years before I became disabled. Shandy the customer rep. was polite and professional on the phone otherwise. I was happy overall because your company could offer me more than my car insurance could at a low price. Thank you, Liz
11/21/2017 Excellent experience
11/21/2017 My contact was “Will”. He was most helpful
11/21/2017 My agent spent time drilling down into my needs... And got the services best options for me and the Rv. Good to see Good Sam is holding tbe mark for service.
11/21/2017 Lower the rates. USAA just quoted me a premium of 77 dollars per month with the same coverage I have through Good Sam.
11/21/2017 Difficulty getting user name and password. Probably my fault I️ called and spoke with 3 different folks and we finally got it to take. Folks were all nice and helpful We're sorry to hear that you experienced difficulty, James, but are glad that several Good Sam agents were able to help. If you need anything else, we hope you'll give us a call. Thanks so much, James, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
11/21/2017 Very clean, precise processing and the saving were wonderful. We saved approximately $550/year. Our only negative with the process was our representative talked extremely fast. My wife and I had to ask him several times to repeat the information or to just slow down. Fred, we apologize about that and thank you for bringing it to our attention. We'll be sure to pass along your feedback to your supervisor and his agent. In the meantime, congratulations on your savings. We can think of multiple ways to spend $550! Thanks again from your friends at The Good Sam Insurance Agency.
11/21/2017 I really don't see a need for improvement.
11/21/2017 Dominique was very helpful in getting the right coverage for us on our new rv. She was very courteous and provided the right information for us to make an informed decision. Great experience and I recommend their service. Thank you for recommending the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We would be honored to assist anyone you send our way and encourage them to call 1-888-541-1116. Dominique or any one of our Good Sam agents is standing by and ready to help.
11/21/2017 Patrick did a fantastic job especially when I was in a bad position with my other insurance company over a mistake that they made he helped me out and get me back on track so I wouldn't lose my license or my spot for my RV is parked We're so glad that Good Sam agent Patrick was able to assist you with your RV Insurance needs. We know that obtaining insurance can be a difficult thing and we're thrilled that Patrick could help make it easier on you. If you have ever have any questions or need any other insurance needs fulfilled, please don't hesitate to reach out to Patrick again. Thanks so much, Danny, from your friends at the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
11/21/2017 Excellent service
11/21/2017 After checking around some other insurance companies I went with you because you are made specifically for RV's and that is a money saver, since an RV is not always on the road. You are correct, Dieter; RV Insurance almost always better protects your recreational vehicle than auto insurance. And as you mentioned, by having benefits designed specifically for RVers like the storage option, you truly do save money. Welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency, Dieter. We are honored to have you with the Good Sam family.
11/21/2017 So far the experience with my boat coverage has been easy and straight forward. Good customer response.
11/21/2017 did a very good job Thank you so much, Curtis. The Good Sam Insurance Agency is happy to hear that we exceeded your expectations. If you need anything else, please be sure to let us know.
11/21/2017 Great overall. Just had a bit of trouble with the website, but everything was resolved over the phone. We are sorry to hear that you experienced problems with our quote system and would love to know more so that we can make improvements going forward. Thanks so much, Joseph.
11/20/2017 Had a problem and Josh did a fantastic job of getting things straightened out. Dale, we're happy to hear that your Good Sam agent Josh helped get your situation resolved. If you need anything else or have any additional questions, please let us know.
11/20/2017 very good ok
11/20/2017 good,ok,good job
11/20/2017 Simple and easy. Great service, and easily accomplished.
11/20/2017 Very fast process.
11/20/2017 Very fast, good pricing. Thanks,
11/20/2017 expeditious and thourough
11/20/2017 It was nice that Good Sam offered great insurance at a reasonable price. The coverage was better than what was quoted by another company. Dvonte made sure that I understood what was being purchased, it was a pleasure talking with him. Those are all great things to hear, Dennis. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell The Good Sam Insurance Agency about your excellent experience. We know that your review will really assist other customers with their insurance decisions.
11/20/2017 Receiving the quote and being able to purchase all online was very helpful. Other insurance companies wanted to couple the towing vehicle with your RV insurance which was a hassle. Using Good Sam Insurance Agency made the whole process extremely easy. Highly recommend. We're happy to hear that you had an easy, efficient online experience, Salvatore, and certainly understand the need to bundle your insurance assets. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to let us know. Your friends at the Good Sam Insurance Agency are always here to help.
11/20/2017 quick assist and great info
11/20/2017 Helpful, answered all my questions!
11/19/2017 Great, price was right
11/19/2017 As a member of Good Sam I have saved money on my car insurance and RV insurance. Janet, we are so excited to hear that! By bundling your Auto & RV Insurance, you likely saved as much as 20% on your insurance premium. Now that's quite a savings story!
11/19/2017 Keep up the good work We intend to, Robert; thank you for the excellent customer review of The Good Sam Insurance Agency.
11/19/2017 After deciding to buy insurance from you, I attempted several times, over several days to reach my original agent and my calls were never returned. Because my original insurance, USAA, has always given me such excellent customer service, without exception, over 45 years...I decided to stay with them despite paying a bit more. When I called to cancel with you, I received dismissive and impatient service.
11/19/2017 Turns out I purchased the wrong insurance on line. When I called Mellanie was very helpful in getting me what I needed. I was figuring I was going to be talking to “Jim” who could barely speek english. It was so good to talk to someone I could understand
11/19/2017 Keep the rates reasonable provided that no claims occur
11/19/2017 Everything was good except the wait time on the phone.
11/19/2017 fast & friendley
11/19/2017 Very easy to navigate
11/19/2017 knowledgeable agent and answered all questions. Feel we got a great deal for our camper insurance. Thanks for choosing The Good Sam Insurance Agency for your camper insurance needs. We are honored to earn your business and look forward to serving your RV Insurance needs.
11/19/2017 Absolutely NOTHING ❣️
11/19/2017 Quick easy process. Great customer service.
11/19/2017 Nothing. My agent could not have been any better
11/19/2017 Fast. Had a miscommunication but follow up call took care of it.