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Customer Reviews : Good Sam RV Insurance
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Good Sam Insurance Customer Reviews

The Good Sam Insurance Agency prides itself on providing an excellent customer experience. Whether you are simply getting a quote or submitting a claim, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. As such, we train our agents extensively to ensure that you are getting the proper coverage for your situation. Please check out the reviews from our satisfied clients below!

In an effort to get reliable customer feedback relating to our products and services, the Good Sam Insurance Agency has partnered with Birdeye, a third-party reputation management company. The Good Sam Insurance Agency trusts Birdeye to aquire relevent, honest reviews about your experience with our Agency so we may better serve you as our customer.
Date Rating Customer Comment Our Response
09/24/2017The initial contact with the agent went very well. He was very informative and courteous. Unfortunately, I received a notice from the loan company they had received the cancellation notice from my previous insurance agency, but as to date had not received any information from my current insurance coverage with Good Sams.
09/24/2017Fast friendly courteous service. Highly recommend.
09/24/2017knowing you are there if we need you is very comforting
09/24/2017Thank goodness for a great company in a bad thing
09/24/2017Great friendly service
09/24/2017The Process was quick, easy and finalizing the document online was great. Thank you.
09/24/2017Signing up was quick and easy. Cost was less than others. Got full replacement value policy that others did not have.
09/24/2017My questions were answered
09/24/2017You are very easy to do business with. I am very pleased and will recommend you any time.
09/23/2017Grate job
09/23/2017Rep was knowledgeable and professional. Rates are comparable and I believe Good Sam's will understand any situation that arises from our travel trailer better than our auto insurer. Haven't had to use the coverage yet (Thank goodness!), but am confident that it will be what I have come to expect from Good Sam's
09/23/2017The agent was easy to work with and Good Sam provided a lower cost insurance plan that covered my needs better than my previous carrier. The only thing better would be free coverage!
09/23/2017Didn't have to wait long. Fast efficient service with a good price
09/23/2017Did evwrything you said you would
09/23/2017If I felt I received poor service, I would comment. It seems everyone asks us to give a rating which takes too much time.
09/23/2017It was the easiest and fastest signup I have ever experienced, Now we have the peace of mind that Good Sam and National General will be there when we need them.
09/23/2017No badgering and easy sales pitch.
09/23/2017Have not had to use your insurance at this point therefore probably would say good todate.
09/23/2017The agent was very helpful. Thank you.
09/23/2017Very good
09/23/2017Insured at a great quote in less than 15 minutes. Agent was beyond friendly and personable, not to mention informative. Couldn't have asked for anything more!
09/23/2017Excellent and God sent thanks.
09/23/2017Great prices
09/23/2017Very good in every way
09/23/2017Great rate
09/23/2017Contacting agent was easy. He was helpful. Only negative, we haven't received the rand mc anally atlas yet.
09/23/2017Well, the quote was quick and very reasonable
09/23/2017Worked for me in providing me the best coverage at the best value for 2 years now on my class C.
09/23/2017Great personal service!
09/23/2017Very good
09/23/2017It took just one call and very little time to get my quote and enroll my unit to get it insured. Great job!!
09/23/2017From the time we filed a claim it took 3 weeks to get the RV in for an estimate, then we had to wait for an approval and then for the part to be ordered, another 3 weeks. It took entirely too long to get the claim settled. The middle man, wanted us and the repair shop, Camping World to do their job. We were asked to take pictures and which was a hardship since we could not open the awning. All around the process was not good customer service in my opinion. I got a call from Camping World requiring another signature in order for them to get paid. They stated the cost of shipping was changed. So, I had to make yet another trip there to sign the form. What ever happened to a claims adjustor coming out and taking care of the claim. In the past when we had a claim with GEICO the adjustor had the claim paid with in 24 hours.
09/23/2017He was very helpful and just a phone call away!!
09/22/2017Good experience talking to todd,all is super so far.look forward to a long lasting relationship. Thank you
09/22/2017Great & quick
09/22/2017Signing up was very easy. Haven't had to use the company for claims, thank goodness.
09/22/2017Good price for the coverage
09/22/2017We have not filed a claim. I don't see the name of the agent who sold me the policy on your list. His first name was Jesus & he was great.
09/22/2017We were sold insurance that included a zero dollar deductible on glass replacement, yet when we went to make a claim we were told that we did not have this coverage. This is the second time we have been told the coverage we have is different than what we were sold. When we've called our agent and left messages, they were not returned. Now they just go right to the main line. We are very disappointed in the customer service aspect of this company!
09/22/2017Great service
09/22/2017saved me on my auto and trailer ins.
09/22/2017Saved us money
09/22/2017Great to deal with with reasonable costs.
09/22/2017I've heard good things about your insurance , but my buying experiance was not good You sent me to a 3rd party to finish buying my insurance and I still don't know what us covered a what is not. I would like a written policy. It's like spending your money in a vacuum. what did I just spend 100 dollars on.
09/22/2017Fast claim response!!!
09/22/2017When I called about your rates I was also quoted rates for different insurance agencies and chose Progressive. It was easy to change from my current rv insurance to Progressive.
09/22/2017Well I guess you did ok...I'm with progressive
09/22/2017We were searching for a better price for insurance on our new RV when we decided to call Good Sam for a quote. Not only did we get a very decent price, we also received professional, courteous and friendly service! How can you beat that?
09/22/2017We had no problems with good Sam agents have treated us great
09/22/2017Great to deal with, recommended to a friend and they are happy !!
09/22/2017Great balance of price and coverage. Our agent is super friendly and more than helpful.
09/22/2017The person i worked with is what customer service is supposed to be about, she was very helpful very informative knew what she was talking about, funny, i could tell she liked her job and that makes a difference. If everyone was like her in the customer service field companies would be much better off. Keep up the great work.
09/22/2017Your personal handle set a adjuster
09/22/2017Experience was good.
09/22/2017Good customer service and great price for insurance
09/22/2017Good service once * got the right rep. Too many transfers.
09/22/2017The person I spoke with was very good knew all about the Good Sam Insurance. The discount you get at some of the merchants is great.
09/22/2017Person that helped with my insurance was very helpfulThank you so much, Nancy. We will be sure to share your comments with our Good Sam team. In the meantime, we noticed that you provided an average customer rating and wanted to inquire as to whether we could do anything else to improve your experience? If so, please feel free to let us know. The Good Sam Insurance Agency values our customers' feedback and uses it to better the overall customer experience where applicable. Thanks again, Nancy, and welcome to The Good Sam Insurance Agency.
09/22/2017Great Insurance at a reasonable price. The agent was very professional, knowledgeable and insured got the best coverage for the money spent.
09/22/2017While getting insurance for our travel trailer decided to check out auto insurance. We now have two cars insured for less than we were paying for one auto. Thank you Good Sams.
09/22/2017Everything was good until our insurance Co. Blue sky was no longer insuring people. You found us another. But higher in price by about 35.00 so I'm not happy with that.
09/22/2017Forgot to bill the mortgage company for the home owners policy causing all kind of late fees and costs that I'm still trying to clear up!
09/22/2017All the campgrounds we went to were great except for Lake Chautauqua in NY. It was disastrous. Would never recommend this place to anyone. All the Flying J's and Pilots were great.
09/22/2017Very enjoyable experience Great web siteThank you so much, Paul. We strive to make as user-friendly as possible and are thrilled to hear that the online experience we've designed met all your needs. If you have any questions or need anything else, please don't hesitate to let us know. Our agents can be reached directly at 1-888-514-1116. Thanks again and welcome to the Good Sam family.
09/22/2017Great service. Amy handled everything quickly and efficiently. Auto Glass Express did a great job. Highly recommend them as well as Good Sam Insurance.Thank you so much, Richard. The Good Sam Insurance Agency is pleased to hear that we were able to help facilitate your glass claim quickly and easily. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks again, Richard. We are honored to continue to earn your business.
09/22/2017Great products __Great service __Great price__Agents are friendly, courteous, and professional.
09/22/2017Very helpful and welcoming as a new customer!We absolutely love to earn reviews like yours, Melissa. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell The Good Sam Insurance Agency about your excellent experience with us. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to let us know.
09/22/2017I bought the extended service plan. Thinking I was covering my trailer head to toe. When I called to inquire about something I was told that it covered electrical things only. When I bought the insurance I specially asked it it would cover my awning. I was told yes. When I called to inquire about something else entirely I was told my awning would not be covered. It is not an electric awning. I am feeling beyond duped and will never by Good Sam insurance again.
09/22/2017You STILL have not got my name spelled right. It IS NOT Laberne . It IS Laverne. 4 copies of the policy back and forth with spelling corrections and STILL the name is not correct
09/22/2017Did great it was quick & easyThank you, Patricia. The Good Sam Insurance Agency appreciates your excellent customer review. If you need anything else, please let us know.
09/22/2017Very polite and not pushy at all.Joe, thank you so much for your excellent customer review of The Good Sam Sam Insurance Agency. We are pleased to hear about the high level of service you received from our agents and encourage you to let us know if you need anything else.
09/22/2017My rate went up 300 dollars so I found another company.
09/22/2017Lack of effort to please customers and after discussing why half the problems with my brand new camper ain't under warranty i will never use again
09/22/2017The agents did a good job explaining the truck plan however I thought that I would get a detailed plan for my trailer as well..
09/22/2017The young man that represent your co. Was outstanding. This is all new to me. He walked us through.he even sent the policy snail mail, so I could have it in my hands. The young man's name was Brandon. Can't thing of last name not home were I have it.
09/22/2017As always, easy and excellentThank you, Carlene. The Good Sam Insurance Agency appreciates your five-star customer review and looks forward to serving your insurance needs. If you need anything along the way, please don't hesitate to let us know.
09/22/2017Great competitive rates, great serviceThank you so much, James. The Good Sam Insurance Agency strives to provide a range of prices that meets each individual customer's needs, and we're happy to hear that we found a price-point that works for you. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to let us know.
09/22/2017Everything needed taken care of was and rates are good.
09/22/2017The process was painless from start to finish. The agent was very pleasant. However, I did have to check with you twice to see why the proof of insurance was not there. To be fair, I am not sure it was not the dealer's problem. Anyway, it was taken care of immediately with one call.We're happy to hear that The Good Sam Insurance Agency met your needs, Linda. We're always here to help with whatever needs you may have.
09/22/2017Easy to work with.
09/22/2017We live in New Zealand but wanted to spend extended long holidays in the States over the next five years. As non-residents, we experienced unbelievable hassle securing insurance for the small RV we wanted to buy. The AAA and Geico both (wrongly) insisted we needed to get an American driver's license, implying this was a law, when it was simply company policy. After 3 weeks of delay, we called the Good Sam Club and got insurance quickly over the phone with Progressive. Wish we had called them first!
09/22/2017Great insurance
09/22/2017Great customer service!
09/22/2017Genuinely kind, helpful, and professional. Thank you, we appreciate that! Excellent service and coverage for an affordable price!
09/22/2017Very nice and competent person on the phone.
09/22/2017The agent took all my information, and within minutes, I had my policy.Who doesn't love an efficient insurance process?! Thank you so much for giving The Good Sam Insurance Agency a call. We are so pleased to earn your business, Andre, and encourage you to tell others about us. Thanks again and welcome to The Good Sam Insurance Agency.
09/22/2017Great customer Service ❣️
09/22/2017Very up front and doesn't try to over insure you.
09/22/2017So far I love knowing I have Goo Sam having my back, when need then.
09/22/2017Very prompt and professional
09/22/2017Needed insurance faxed to lien holder...despite a long wait on hold i was very happy with the person helping me I think her name was tracyWe'll be sure to pass along your comments to your Good Sam agent Tracy. Thanks for your feedback, Elizabeth. The Good Sam Insurance Agency loves hearing from our customers!
09/22/2017You are a bunch of jerks. You cast me a ton of money with your incompetence and only looking to generate commissions for your agents.
09/22/2017Your agent was very friendly and answered all my questions.
09/22/2017Rep found me a good deal at a good price.
09/22/2017Very easy process and great customer service
09/22/2017Everything went very smooth
09/22/2017Competent, friendly service over the phone.
09/22/2017You did great!!
09/22/2017Contacted Good Sam for a quote and they were half of what my normal insurance wanted and had additional coverageThank you for making the switch to the Good Sam Insurance Agency. By moving your policies, you likely saved as much as 20% on your insurance premium. And we can even insure almost all of your insurance assets - home, car, RV, motorcycle, boat, etc. If that's something you'd like to talk with us further about, please let us know. We'd love to help you maximize your savings!
09/22/2017It was very easy to get setup with a great policy and the prices were extremely fair. I was very happy with the coverage and the experience was great, very much like talking to someone I've know known my whole life. Friendly and professional.Michael, we couldn't be more thrilled to hear that you connected so well with your Good Sam agent. We are always pleased to deliver our customers an insurance product at a price that fits their budget. Thanks so much for entrusting The Good Sam Insurance Agency with the care of your insurance assets. We are honored to protect your investments.
09/22/2017I faxed in what I was told to sign and they still stopped my insurance. Even though it was faxed to the number that was given to me twice I was told they never received it. I still don't have insurance
09/22/2017Excellent and fast service. However Duncan Systems has shipped two windshield both arrived cracked during shipping. Waiting on the third.
09/22/2017I am very happy no check audo pay no worries Thank you all so very much
09/22/2017Smooth Operator.
09/22/2017The agent was very helpful, answered all my questions and gave me a satisfactory rate quote and even gave me payment options Agent - Linda Payne
09/22/2017Very helpful
09/22/2017Agent was great, so was the quote.
09/22/2017So far my only experience has been going through getting processed into the Good Sam Ins Agency system. That was a painless process. I hope I never have to file a claim but if I do I feel that the claim filing experience would be as proficient and professional as processing in was. Thank you.George, your friends at The Good Sam Insurance Agency also hope that you never have to file a claim, but should you have to, we'll be there to walk you through the process. In the meantime, if you need anything else, please don't hesitate to give your agent a call. Thanks again, George, and welcome to The Good Sam Insurance Agency.
09/21/2017Arrange windshield replacement in timely fashion with professional vender, although he did record incorrect mileage on warrantee statement
09/21/2017They did great
09/21/2017Provided the coverage needed for my RV. Great sense of piece knowing its covered.Mack, we are thrilled to hear that you have peace of mind while out and about in your recreational vehicle - that is always our goal. We know that insuring your RV comes with a lot of questions, so if we can provide you with any information along the way, please let us know. Thanks so much and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
09/21/2017Super easy to use, great customer service. The whole thing took less than half an hour to get my RV insured.Eric, who doesn't love an efficient insurance process?! Thank you so much for entrusting The Good Sam Insurance Agency with the care of your recreational vehicle. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your insurance needs and look forward to hearing about your RV adventures.
09/21/2017My claim was handled quickly by a friendly agent. I wasnpleasantly surprised.
09/21/2017Great company
09/21/2017Good job , got the best deal possible, and possibly an even better deal in the future ! :DMichael, we'd love to conduct a thorough insurance review to see if we can find any additional discounts that we can apply. If that's something you're interested in, let your insurance agent know and we can schedule a time for the two of you to connect. By bundling your insurance assets, you can save as much as 20% on your insurance premium. That's money we'd love to put back in your pocket! Thanks again, Michael, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
09/21/2017I haven't had to use your services as I've not had my RV on the road much since its purchase. I rated you low because I have received repeated emails to rate your insurance company. I feel one request is enough!
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