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The Good Sam Insurance Agency prides itself on providing an excellent customer experience. Whether you are simply getting a quote or submitting a claim, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. As such, we train our agents extensively to ensure that you are getting the proper coverage for your situation. Please check out the reviews from our satisfied clients below!

In an effort to get reliable customer feedback relating to our products and services, the Good Sam Insurance Agency has partnered with Birdeye, a third-party reputation management company. The Good Sam Insurance Agency trusts Birdeye to aquire relevent, honest reviews about your experience with our Agency so we may better serve you as our customer.
Date Rating Customer Comment Our Response
04/29/2017It good I just don't do these things
04/28/2017I liked it , then I went shopping and found a less costly plan with the same coverage
04/28/2017i was told my coverage was the exact same as i already had thru good sam, so today i call progreesive to be sure and find out the coverage is not even close to the same that i had. now i have been charged money on my card that now i have to wait to get back. very upset...been with them 4 years
04/28/2017Their rates come in much cheaper than others. However if you have any points on your license they will be higher. I was not aware of 3 points on license, so rates came in higher than renewal with the same company. ALL of the people I spoke to, salesman and cancellation clerk were all extremely cordial and quick to resolve problem and refunds. I HIGHLY recommend for anyone with no points!
04/28/2017Great company, easy to work with customer support.
04/28/2017fun and easy no hassle. did everything right over the phone the people are great
04/28/2017We thought GEICO was the most helpful, informative & least expensive Insurance Company out there. We were wrong! Good Sam met & exceeded our expectations & did it by saving us a ton of money. Their online services are also "state of the art" and easy to use. We're happy to be in the Good Sam family! Bob Jordan & family
04/28/2017So far so good. Very helpful in signing up and saved quite a bit switching our insurance to Good Sam.
04/28/2017Your good👍🏼
04/28/2017It was great, just don't have time to do a full review.
04/28/2017Our policy rates were going up extensively and I began to search. Good Sam not only came in with better rates, better coverage but we were even able to add our vehicles and pay less for both than what we were paying for just the motorhome. Great Service!!!!!!
04/27/2017We have all Good Sam products and are happy with all. Had 2 separate interactions with buying insurance through Good Sam and had great experiences with both times. We are now full timing.
04/27/2017Robi was very friendly, asked me the right questions, and quickly got me a quote for our new RV coverage. Our dealership recommended Good Sam and yes, I would recommend. Very reasonable rates and very thorough in picking the right coverage to fit our specific needs.
04/27/2017I do not want to receive junk mail......
04/27/2017Was gathering info to go full time next year. Wanted to know what the insurance cost would be on the fifth wheel and truck, so I checked Good Sam out. Turned out they saved me over $1500 a year on my 5 vehicles. I had been with the previous carrier 41 years and never questioned them. Guess I should have :-(
04/27/2017The Good Sam customer service rep was excellent, however, the National General Insurance Company is a disgrace. I will never buy insurance from that company again! Ever!!
04/27/2017Went to buy a camper called and was quoted a yearly amount. After the deal was made on the camper I called back an hour later and now the quote was quite a bit more the guy said because we had a hail claim. Hail has nothing to do with our driving record. Not happy and going to call my progressive agent and go with him
04/26/2017Just don't want to take a survey service ok!
04/26/2017Angel made the process of getting insurance the easiest part of my bus conversion. What a great employee!
04/26/2017A Policy renewal review saved us $250 this year. Our agent, Kyle, was great to work with.
04/26/2017Advertise one thing - offer another. Wanted to bundle truck and trailer. Cost was double.
04/26/2017sorry it was great I hit the wrong button
04/26/2017At this point all I can tell you is that buying insurance from you was easy and a pleasant experience.
04/26/2017I was going to see and potentially buy a motorhome on Sunday and do the paperwork on Monday. I called Good Sam asking the best advise so I can be covered on Monday morning after the transfer on the DMV. They said that will be better to gather all RV info and do all the paperwork and down payment on the previous Friday. If in case the deal do not go through, to call her on Monday for an immediate refund. I did left a message with the agent the same Sunday as the deal did not go through. I called on Monday to confirm. She did not pick up the phone leaving a new message again. After several messages and phone calls I decided to contact the National Insurance Company that charged my credit card. They didn't know anything and they wanted a prove that I did not buy the vehicle (from a private party?) to proceed with the refund. Halloo? After a dispute and calling back Good Sam agent, who finally returned my call three days later, informed me that the refund was done. Today, 20 days after my down payment charge was done, I am still waiting for my refund. Customer service is extremely poor. Beware!
04/26/2017Make it easier to set up user and password
04/25/2017Sounded like great plan until I read the 100 pages of policy and what they did with my credit info. National "General has their own idea and standards to disparage a customers credit status so they can charge higher premiums. Things like having ordered a new card in the past 42 months and despite a 79 year olds credit history having no or insufficient revolving charge accounts and other superfluous credit comments not having any validity are used to raise rates. No thanks , I'll stay where I'm at. I don't owe anybody anything and have always paid off balances monthly by direct debit on checking accounts. I don't need this outfit to disparage my reputation, They ought to look at the negative comments that some of their customers have posted on the internet about their style of business. Insurance company heal thyself. Don Doulgas
04/25/2017I just felt rushed and pressured to change all my insurances right then. All I wanted to do was quite camper insurance. Also, I wasn't given the option not to make auto pay.
04/25/2017Actually my experience was quite easy and I would recommend. I don't Facebook so it appeared in couldn't access the survey
04/25/2017Sorry, hit that button by mistake. It was a good experience!
04/25/2017Good Sam had the best available insurance rates for our class A diesel. Friendly staff too.
04/25/2017We have been life members of Good Sam for about 10 years and have been staying at Good Sam camp grounds for that long. We also have Good Sam road side assistance that we have had to use twice and have been pleased with everything. We just went full time and are using Good Sam mail forwarding service. Our lives seem to revolve around Good Sam so we called Good Sam insurance fore our 5th wheel and truck. Our new agent Ken Thompson was super nice. One stop shopping for all you full time needs.
04/25/2017Lance was very friendly and helpful in getting me all set up.
04/25/2017Read my earlier answer
04/24/2017No problem Experience was fine. I do not do Facebook
04/24/2017My experience with agent Kate was fantastic. It was trying to get to your survey that was impossible. Kate did more that was asked of her and the additional phone call to get more info or questions was spot on. Give here 100+ atta-boys for a great job done.
04/24/2017Price went up because I backed into a pole at work with my tailgate down. The camera didn't work because the tailgate was down. It was a minor incident.
04/24/2017experience OK, improper click
04/24/2017Easiest purchase with knowledgeable Representative. I was not looking forward to making the call due to the fact this was my first Recreational trailer and I was clueless. Now. Fully covered and fully ready for fun.
04/24/2017Read text
04/24/2017Don't lie and tell the customer one thing and do the opposite.
04/24/2017It took me four attempts to get insurance and the price was higher when done but no indication it was done until this morning. I hope if I ever need to make a claim you will do better.
04/24/2017Either the last customer service representative hung up on me or the called drop
04/24/2017My experience was very very good. I do not wish to participte in the survey.
04/24/2017Well I need a higher deductible than $1000.00 so my insurance would be cheaper ......I'm looking into different insurance companies to get me a better rate with a higher deductible
04/24/2017Your rates are extremely high.
04/24/2017Thank i never received email from you.its.
04/23/2017Jake was very knowledgeable about my insurance when I decided to change to Good Sam
04/22/2017Camping world did not get the insurance binder u were going to fax agent name was Marsha pls send to them asap
04/22/2017The negotiations were over a cell phone so there were some static problems but the agent persisted and we got he job done.
04/22/2017Very quick and easy to get my insurance needs met.
04/21/2017This is the way to go if you are going to be RV-ing. They offer a lot of extras that you won't get with regular auto insurers. I believe we will be very happy with them.
04/21/2017Your agent talked to me as though I were stupid, argued with me about that, and was generally difficult to deal with. Further, the "quote" process was a waste of time because we had to start all over and do more work to get a "price", which of course went up because I didn't buy the policy right away. I've always hated shopping for insurance, and dealing with you was no different.
04/21/2017Having received a DUI, State Farm dropped me like a wet bag of dirt! I shopped around the various companies to see who could offer me coverage at a reasonable price.No such thing after having a DUI. After doing a little math, Good Sam was able to offer me the same coverage as State Farm, for only $21.00 a month more than I was paying! Thank's for giving me a second chance.......
04/21/2017I just got started so my opinion isn't worth much yet but Dulcie was nice to work with, she was quick and explained things to my satisfaction.
04/21/2017Excellent service and very knowledgeable and friendly.
04/21/2017Your web site is very easy to use, can we get a insurance card?
04/21/2017Dominic was very knowledgeable and the cost saved me money over the carrier I had for my old trailer. He is also quoting my homeowners policies. They have some coverages other companies don't have and are very competitive in price.
04/21/2017Very informative on explaining the coverages. I switched all my vehicles.
04/21/2017Got quote from Good Sam Insurance (National General) for 12 months coverage on our motorhome. Price was competitive but when we started to pay and give them a credit card number, they said the quote was only for six months! All my documentation we have that I printed clearly stated in several places that it was for 12 months. They refused to honor the written quote that THEY sent me. The people are out and out crooks!
04/21/2017problems, I just do not like to do surveys
04/21/2017The experience WAS great, but I cannot complete your survey without a Facebook account which I do not have or want.
04/20/2017My Experience was good. I do not want to work with face book
04/20/2017Representative was terrible that's all I can say! When we called she never answered our question and that was we needed roadside service now and she said we were Not signed up we thought we were because we have your insurance for our RV. And she said it would be at least two days before she can get to us.
04/20/2017I just traded RV's and needed to change my insurance. Stacy was great, she was professional and very pleasant. I felt like I was talking to a friend. She knew her job well and even has me considering moving my other vehicles and even my home to Good Sam. I would highly recommend to anyone.Thank you so much for recommending the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We greatly appreciate your business, as well as your excellent customer review. We're happy to hear that Stacy helped you with your RV insurance needs and look forward to hearing more about your RV adventures! Thanks, again!
04/20/2017When I quit full-timing, I changed over to State Farm. I got rid of the 5th wheel, but after about a year of not feeding my RV Camping addiction, I had severe withdrawal symptoms and bought a Motorhome. To make a long story short, we recently got notification of non-renewal of our auto policy because of one at fault accident my wife had with a carport post and a faultless accident with a deer. I figured I'm not full timing, so I called around to local agencies. The rates quoted were obscene. Coincidentally, I got an offer to come back to Good Sam. The package I got from them was actually cheaper than what I was paying. I moved all my lines over including homeowners and saved on that too. I was able to add earthquake coverage for only $172 per year more than I was paying State Farm without it, even though the coverage cost itself is over $300.00 more per year. You do the math. Ben Hayzlett was excellent do deal with. Incredible knowledge and understanding of my needs and oh, even saved money on the auto and RV policy with additional coverage that obviously you can't get on an RV from other insurers. I'm with Good Sam Insurance for life now, whether or not I have an RV. Do it. You won't regret it.
04/20/2017It was great however I don't have time to do the fb stuff, sorry. He was extremely helpful!
04/20/2017Very good result. Excellent agent. Did a nice job.
04/20/2017Will was very helpful with my needs. All went smoothly and look forward to our new camperCongratulations on your new camper! We look forward to hearing about some of your camping adventures in the future!
04/20/2017got insurance on home was told it was better than I had, with less deductible but when time to renew it went up. I stay with them, wished I hadn't wind and hail damage they charged me for deductible plus depreciation making my deductible almost 6;000 dollars nation General the under writer for Mountain Valley Indemnity Company watch what you wish for like The TV says not the insurance check the agent Good Sam's put it to me
04/20/2017Took about 10 minutes on line, increased price by $500 a year for just the RV, coverage was at lower rates from previous company, but had no choice as last company discontinued RV coverage. Will try for one year.
04/20/2017Excellent knowledge and courtesy from the agent (Phil) and answer all questions. Great price, service all my request and more. Easy website to navigate. I would recommend without hesitation.
04/20/2017I was quoted $93.00, but charged $106.20. per month. Something is not right here.
04/19/2017Nick was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I found the rates he quoted to be very reasonable. I would recommend Good Sam Insurance Agency for the fast friendly service.
04/19/2017I just replaced my Motorhome insurance through the Good Sam Insurance Agency. The savings from my prior carrier is remarkable and it includes increased limits. Gabriel was very helpful and answered all my questions right away (including returning my calls right away.) I also used the on line chat service to correct the ID number and it was done immediately.
04/19/2017The staff at Camping World get an A+++++ in my book. They went above and beyond to help me get the rv that I wanted. So, a big THANKS, and I would recommend the people at Camping World to anyone, and everyone that is looking for a everyone. Thank you, Kenneth Yocum
04/19/2017I hit the wrong button. Everything was fine.
04/19/2017these people don't mess around, talked to them on the phone and in just a few minutes had the ins. i needed and paid . Kyle was really nice and knew what he was doing. would definitely recommend them
04/19/2017Shawn was very helpfully and professional will recommend your company to family and friends
04/19/2017Great service, really good pricing. Donna was wonderful!
04/19/2017Rapid fire sales and the rep. assuming a policy has better coverage with add on's.that the customer is not given enough time to make an informed decision.
04/18/2017We have moved from VA to WV and needed to change over all our vehicle insurance. Quotes we were getting showed WV to be way more expensive than WV. Until we talked to Good Sam. The agent we spoke with was very knowledgeable, very, very patient with us. It was a very pleasant experience all around. Thank you, Domenique and Good Sam. :)
04/18/2017We were rudely treated by sales manager JOHN. After traveling over 3 hours. A deal was pre-made bank finance papers signed and all agreed JOHN changed his mind on our trade. Very unprofessional. Over 5 hours for a scheduled delivery. Would love someone from corporate to contact me.The Good Sam Insurance Agency really regrets to hear this. Please allow us the opportunity to look into this situation and get in touch with our partners at Camping World. We will be sure that someone contacts you once we've had a chance to do that. Thanks so much for your patience during this time.
04/18/2017experience was wonderful. I don't want to have to sing into FB to rate
04/18/2017Found me a Good Deal and it was fast and easy, even though I kept changing my mind on what RV I was going to buy.
04/18/2017you need to pick trusting dealerships. Camping World of Council Bluffs , lets say i regret buying tihis pile of junk from and im stuck with it. it is brand new. the employees that we dealt with care a less once that rig id gone.
04/18/2017Having had a bad experience with a total loss on a previous camper 3 years ago we are finally replacing it and decided to give Good Sam a try. Kelly the agent that helped us was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer my questions, even after I called her back a couple of times. Hopefully I will never need this policy but hoping we made the right decision.
04/17/2017Good Insurance at a great rate
04/17/2017I had excellent service and was able to save money!! A win win situation!!
04/17/2017It was a very good experience . I just don't want to complete a survey .
04/17/2017Comfortable with new motor home insurance issued by Good Sam and written by Safeco, Very good pricing.
04/17/2017Good Sam called to tell me they had a better price for me.. My premium went up $100 this year. Good Sam got my premium under what I was paying last year. Fast friendly and saved money to!!! Thanks Good Sam
04/17/2017Very helpful assistance with insuring our camper. Agent was knowledgeable and courteous.We are so pleased to hear that! Thank you so much for choosing The Good Sam Insurance Agency!
04/17/2017Gratifying experience. Saving money is pleasing. Appreciate​ the helpful, courteous service.
04/17/2017Loved how quickly I could get the quote and finished product!! The rates were lower than my present insurance.... I will be quoting my home and cars next!...
04/17/2017The agent was very knowledgeable and patient. He saved us over 50% on our last policy.Wow, that is an incredible amount of savings! Thanks so much for sharing your excellent experience with The Good Sam Insurance Agency! We value your five star review greatly!
04/17/2017We had a fire and found ourselves grossly under insured. Dustin took a lot of time making sure we had all the coverage we needed and made sure both my husband and I understood our coverage. Thank you Dustin Tilley.
04/17/2017Quick service, good coverage and saved me some $.
04/17/2017I never received my policy documents. I had to ask twice for my proof of insurance cards.
04/17/2017Bought National General Insurance thur Good Sam. Five months pass and start getting emails about reviewing my policy. Spend next 3 weeks trying to talk to someone about my policy review. When I finally get someone to talk to they tell me that my rates are going up $ 80.00 dollars a month. Told them I would find somthing else because I had no claims and thought that was ridiculous. They blamed it on a rate increase in Texas. I cancled may policy the day it was due. Today I recieved a bill for $ 97.00 for ONE day of coverage. I expected better from any company connected or recomended by Good Sam. This is a scam. Glad I never had a claim, They probably would have charged me or tripled my rates. This is a bait and switch just like others have stated before me. Avoid this at all cost!!!
04/17/2017Dont even insure with them !! Horrible customer response !! To busy ripping off people to care about your repairs... Then to top off will almost double your rate !! bait and switch .. RUN RUN RUN from this insurance company,,
04/16/2017The experience was exceptionally good
04/15/2017They were quick and efficient, and saved us a bundle. We wound up moving our cars over when we got the RV insurance. i would highly recommend getting a quote as we are extremely satisfied.
04/15/2017Not that is was not acceptable-- never had to use it to see what support I get.
04/14/2017It was fine, I just don't want to share anything.
04/14/2017Progressive Ins. does not insure Destination Models. We paid the annual premium in advance and expect to receive the total value back. Good Sam needs to advise Camping World Dealers not to sign up Progressive Ins as an insurer of destination rv's.
04/14/2017don't wish to comment.
04/14/2017Not require me to log on to Facebook to complete your survey
04/13/2017I went on line for an estimate but it was after hours. They called me back 1st thing the next morning and helped me get a better rate through them ... it was awesome
04/13/2017The first rep wouldn't return my calls. I had to call after trying several day and get another rep
04/13/2017Really nice agent called me when my online application did not complete. It was very fast, cheap and easy to get insurance over the phone. I would do it again.
04/13/2017It was suggested by many RV friends that I should not leave home without it. So I signed on yesterday, 2 days before my first summer/spring trip & Xuan was wonderful! He was knowledgeable, fun, efficient & sure of his product. I then called Good Sam to find out about Roadside service, which General does not provide. They also, where friendly & helpful. I can't wait to drop Safeco trailer coverage - which is pathetic!
04/13/2017IAN GREEN WAS EXCEPTIONAL...HE WAS PROFESSIONAL AND WORKED DILIGENTLY TO FIND JUST THE RIGHT COVERAGE AND THE RIGHT PRICE. HE WAS GREAT TO WORK WITH AND BECAUSE OF HIM AND OUR POSITIVE EXPERIENCE, WE MOVED OUR INSURANCE NEEDS FROM ANOTHER INSURANCE COMPANY ALL TO GOOD SAM AGENCIES! A WIN-WIN....Thank you so much for choosing to insure your assets with the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We are delighted to hear that Ian Green was able to provide you the insight you needed to make an informed decision. If you should ever need anything else along the way, please don't hesitate to reach back out to Ian. On behalf of The Good Sam Insurance Agency, welcome and thank you so much for your business.
04/13/2017Fast and cost effective! Was able to add my car to my RV policy at a substantial savings!!! Will look into adding my motorcycle in the future! So far very, very happy!!
04/13/2017Experiebce was fine, just dont feel like doing another survey
04/13/2017Amber Casey was professional and a pleasure to work with.
04/13/2017Ryan provided great service.
04/13/2017Tevan did not mention anything about discounts, such as AARP Safe Driving course for over 55 drivers, or any other discounts that we may have qualified for. Because of this, I don't think I should have to be docked the 50.00 dollar acquision fee or a cancellation fee. You should refund the whole 403.00 amount This was a complete rip off!!!! I'm surprised that Good Sam would affiliate with such a rip off company!!!!Thank you so much for expressing your concern to us. We appreciate the opportunity to rectify this situation and assure you that we are looking into it. We'll begin by listening to the call between you and your agent to see where we can provide any additional coaching and training. In the meantime, if we have any questions or need any additional information, we will be sure to reach out to you. Thank you so much for your patience. Sincerely, The Good Sam Insurance Agency
04/13/2017It was so easy, we feel so comfortable knowing that our RV insurance needs will be taken care of by a company that understands our love for travel.
04/13/2017My contact agent was very courteous and efficient. I'm 75 and still prefer to sit across the desk from my agent and deal face to face (I know, old school). Transaction was conducted quickly, papers were emailed immediately, and the price was more than competitive. Only 4 stars because nothing in life is perfect except for our Salvation.
04/13/2017Not really your fault I can't bundle my car insurance with my RV in California.
04/13/2017very prompt good rate thinking about moving and the rest of my cars trucks motorcycles and home with them
04/13/2017Great and professional customer service. Received a quote online and followed up by calling customer service. The representative was courteous and very knowledgeable. She finished preparing our application and our policy was ready the same day.
04/13/2017For over 45 years I have shopped for better rates and insurance coverage with prompt knowledgeable insurance agents. Good Sams prompt knowledgeable agent over whelmed all past experiences !!!!! Saved me about $ 2,100.00 less than Progressive on 2017 Tiffin Allegro Motorhome and 2 cars ! Much better coverage as well. Thanks Good Sams , CharlesYou are so welcome, Charles! On behalf of The Good Sam Insurance Agency, please know that the pleasure was all ours. As an RVer, we know that there's a lot to remember; that's why we worked with our friends at National General Insurance to create an informative RV e-Book. We encourage you to download it and check it out at It's a quick and easy read that you're sure to enjoy! And if you should ever find yourself in need of help, The Good Sam Insurance Agency will be right there. Thanks, again, for choosing The Good Sam Insurance Agency. We greatly value your business!
04/13/2017Fast response and and great price. Saved me about $ 100 a year.
04/12/2017As a first time RV owner, I had a bazillion questions about companies, coverages, deductibles, rates.. the list goes on and on. Josh was extremely helpful and knowlegable and never hesitated to have answers. Even another followup call today provided quick answers. Couldn't be happpier with my decision to go with Good Sam!!On behalf of The Good Sam Insurance Agency, thank you so much for your five-star customer review! We are not only honored to earn such high marks from you, but also to earn your business. We, too, know that there is a lot to remember when it comes to RV Insurance; that's why we try to simplify the information you're given as much as possible - and we're thrilled to hear that it worked in your case. May we also suggest our RV e-Book, which you can find at It's chocked full of helpful tips for beginner and expert RVers alike. Thanks, again, for choosing The Good Sam Insurance Agency. We very much value customers like you!
04/12/2017Fast, friendly, and courteous service from Robbi. Improved coverage on my Class C Coach at significantly lower cost. Thanks.Congratulations on such savings, Greg! We certainly hope you'll be able to put that money back into your RV adventures! Thanks, again, from your friends at The Good Sam Insurance Agency!
04/12/2017My rep was great! He explained everything in detail and helped me pick what worked best for me.
04/12/2017Heading to look at purchasing a trailer I filled out a quote online. Got a great quote and a call from Roger right away. Roger was awesome!! He went over all the stuff I skipped online and the benefits of having each one. Need a trailer see Naight at Camping World of Bakersfield.. Need insurance.. make sure you call Roger. He will save you a ton of cash!! I couldn't be happier!!Thank you so much for recommending Good Sam Agent Roger Batt! We know that he will certainly appreciate the opportunity to assist any RV customers you send our way. In addition, Roger will be your agent going forward, so if you need anything else, please don't hesitate to give him a call. Thanks, again, for choosing The Good Sam Insurance Agency. We are thrilled to have you with the Good Sam family!
04/12/2017Very fast and great customer service. We shopped around and by far Good Sam Insurance was the best. Our agent was Daniel, he was very courteous, knowledgeable and fast. We are happy so far
04/12/2017Terry was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. She explained everything to me, without making me feel stupid for even asking such questions. We saved a lot on our RV insurance and got more for our dollar. Thank youNo question is ever stupid! At The Good Sam Insurance Agency, we know there's a lot of information to collect, and we simply want to do our best to give it to you in a way that makes sense - and it sounds like Terry did just that. We are happy to hear that she went above and beyond to give you the information you needed. Thanks so much for choosing Good Sam. We are honored to have you with us!
04/12/2017The gentleman that I talked to "Randy" Was very professional and efficient . He got the quote for me within a couple of minutes and it was cheaper that the quote I had from my regular insurance agent that had assured me I would never find a cheaper rate. Thank You Randy!On behalf of Randy and the rest of the Good Sam Insurance Agency, you are welcome! We always get excited when we're able to put money back into our customers' wallets!
04/12/2017Good RV Insurance for sure and not to expensive ? Good Coverage ? And don't need to worry about replacing your RV they insure it at replacement cost?? Wow I am Happy
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