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Good Sam Insurance Agency Customer Reviews

The Good Sam Insurance Agency has been serving the needs of recreational vehicle owners for nearly 50 years. From our very first customer to the thousands we serve today, we have always prided ourselves on providing an excellent customer experience. We train our agents extensively to ensure that each and every customer gets the proper level of coverage for your unique RV lifestyle. Our goal is 100% complete customer satisfaction, and we’re pleased to earn some of the highest customer ratings in the industry. We encourage you to check out reviews from some of our current Good Sam Insurance customers below.
Good Sam Insurance Agency has partnered with Birdeye, a third-party reputation management company In an effort to get reliable customer feedback relating to our products and services, the Good Sam Insurance Agency has partnered with Birdeye, a third-party reputation management company. The Good Sam Insurance Agency trusts Birdeye to aquire relevent, honest reviews about your experience with our Agency so we may better serve you as our customer.
Date Rating Customer Comment Our Response
08/20/2019 Rating Very through and clear
08/20/2019 Rating Everything went great. Personable and helpful rep. Got the plan I needed at a reasonable price.
08/20/2019 Rating Have had Good Sams for several years and finally tried their insurance and loved it saving money on a new policy
08/20/2019 Rating Agent was very informative and helpful. Thank you!!
08/20/2019 Rating I was very pleased with the agent that I spoke with and seemed to be very knowable on RV insurance.
08/20/2019 Rating Getting insurance for our RV was a very positive experience. Easy, fast and efficient!
08/20/2019 Rating everything went smoothly and promptly, very affordable
08/20/2019 Rating Prompt and courteous service.
08/20/2019 Rating Good experience, saved me money.
08/20/2019 Rating Awesome knowledgeable customer service. My agent actually knew the business! No oversell, pressure, or grey areas. Pleasant and factual information. I was pleased with the terms and the bundled discount for Good Sams! Highly recommend!
08/20/2019 Rating good customer service, easy to set up
08/20/2019 Rating Dave did a great job of finding me insurance that saves me about $100 a month. He deserves 5 stars.
08/20/2019 Rating I didn’t think they could give me a competitive quote but they beat it by $81.
08/20/2019 Rating The person I was working with was very courteous and helpful with what I needed.
08/20/2019 Rating Every one was great to work with ,no problem at all
08/20/2019 Rating My experience was awesome! My representative Zach was knowledgeable, professional and helpful.
08/20/2019 Rating Fast and easy.
08/20/2019 Rating Great insurance plan!
08/20/2019 Rating Very helpful and informative.
08/20/2019 Rating Fast, efficient and satisfactory
08/20/2019 Rating It was all very simple and the representative I had was wonderful
08/19/2019 Rating Pam was extremely helpful and got us what we needed. Great communication in a timely manner. Great customer service so happy to be with Good Sam!
08/19/2019 Rating All good, the rep knew what he was talking about
08/19/2019 Rating Kelly was great. Gave us good information and answered our questions. Great price too!
08/19/2019 Rating Fast quick awesome
08/19/2019 Rating Kyle made sure I received top-notch customer service. I was excited with the amount of time it took and the right coverage I received for my trailer. Thank you
08/19/2019 Rating Nice to work with
08/19/2019 Rating Everything went smoothly and I saved money
08/19/2019 Rating You meet all my needs
08/19/2019 Rating Great Service friendly reps. I definitely recommend them.
08/19/2019 Rating Good service customer rep.
08/19/2019 Rating Bryce was great to deal with. Excellent prices
08/19/2019 Rating Mark done an excellent job of researching different companies to get me a better price and explained policy details in a professional manner. Job well done Mark!!!
08/18/2019 Rating Great service!
08/18/2019 Rating Great service, very helpful!
08/18/2019 Rating Great service, very helpful!
08/18/2019 Rating Very helpful staff
08/18/2019 Rating No words can describe it
08/18/2019 Rating Customer service was pleasant to deal with on issues. The only reason I didn't stay was the price going up as much as it did.
08/18/2019 Rating No comment
08/18/2019 Rating Excellent customer service,
08/18/2019 Rating Excellent service and answered all my questions.
08/18/2019 Rating It was wonderful, quick, easy and very helpful. Getting ins was never easier.
08/18/2019 Rating Best insurance buying experience ever!
08/17/2019 Rating Rates were not as good as expected The process seemed to drag on and more complicated than necessary
08/17/2019 Rating Very understanding agent who directed me to the best policy for me.
08/17/2019 Rating Positive experience. Very knowledgeable agent.
08/17/2019 Rating Great rates, quickly provided a positive quote, and helpful service
08/17/2019 Rating Fast, efficient, and knowledgeable agent. I was impressed with the many options available as well as the professional demeanor of the agent. A job well done.
08/17/2019 Rating Great customer service, very professional!
08/17/2019 Rating Great experience
08/16/2019 Rating Had issues with the online registration, was contacted promptly the next day. All issues resolved and very happy.
08/16/2019 Rating Karla was great help, friendly, patient and answered my questions in terms I could understand. We got a policy for 2 pickups, 2 RV's and a car for $800.00 less than we were paying with our previous company. The coverage you provide is much better than what we were paying more money for. Thank you.
08/16/2019 Rating Excellent , the best service
08/16/2019 Rating It was a pleasure talking to Mike and he was very helpful about coverage for our new camper. I feel more at ease now knowing our camper is fully covered and at a lower monthly premium than our other insurance. John L.
08/16/2019 Rating clay was very courteous and huh elpful. the. only issue i have is I can't sign the document electronically, the docuiment only opens as PDF. i have emailed Clay and left him a voice that i can't sign t hgv e documents. he has not called me back.
08/16/2019 Rating Don’t know yet.
08/16/2019 Rating Very helpful
08/16/2019 Rating Good customer service!
08/16/2019 Rating Amazing!! I purchased an older 5th wheel and Daniel Batres walked me through the process so smoothly and so kind. And the cost was extremely fair so was able to pay the year in full plus I was able to get exactly what I asked for. Daniel Batres is definitely an asset to your Company. Thank you very much Daniel
08/16/2019 Rating Very good.
08/15/2019 Rating Switching my policy was fast and easy, great job Good Sam !
08/15/2019 Rating Good experience
08/15/2019 Rating Agent was helpful and obtaining our insurance policy for our new RV was seamless. Elizabeth, did you know that we also offer an annual RV e-book? You can check it out here: !
08/15/2019 Rating I called for a trailer policy and then spent an hour getting bait and switched into also moving my auto policies. I was quoted a rate that provided considerable savings over my existing policy and was told everything was final. Only after 5 days and canceling my existing policy did I learn that the quoted rate had doubled in "final underwriting" and now was 40% higher than my existing policy. Then when I contacted Good Sam to either correct the rate or cancel I was all but ignored by the selling agent that promised to make things right. Terrible expereince.
08/15/2019 Rating Good pricing
08/15/2019 Rating Every thing went well
08/15/2019 Rating Very friendly telephone agent, Casey. I got everything needed for my travel trailer thought her with ease and.a friendly conversation. We're so glad that you hit it off so well with your agent Casey. If she didn't already, we encourage you to check out our free RV e-book: We bet there's at least one tip you can take from it and apply to your travel trailer lifestyle. Thanks again, Jacquilyn, from your friends at the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
08/15/2019 Rating Pleasant representative
08/15/2019 Rating Great Experience.
08/15/2019 Rating It was a painless experience. Thank you!
08/15/2019 Rating Over simple switch over excellent cover for my camper that I didn't have before. Also they beat my old insurance by 10% Congratulations on your new camper, Bryce, as well as saving so much money! We like to think of that savings as money you can put back into your RV adventures. Thanks again, Bryce. We're confident that you'll love your policy with the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
08/14/2019 Rating Helpful and knowledgeable
08/14/2019 Rating Agent was very helpful in explaining policy and helping us to get setup for the plan that we needed.
08/14/2019 Rating The lady was very helpful
08/14/2019 Rating We haven’t had to use you folks yet
08/14/2019 Rating My agent Matt did a excellent job listening to what I was looking for and he found the best rates with PROGRESSIVE. I was with Geico way to long and they were not doing me any favors so bye bye Geico.... James, sometimes it's good to make a switch. In fact, customers who switch to the Good Sam Insurance Agency report saving as much as 20% on their insurance premium. It's just one of the benefits of taking out a policy with an insurance agency like ours. Thanks again, James, from your friends at The Good Sam Insurance Agency.
08/14/2019 Rating Great experience with my rep, fully explained all my options and benefits
08/14/2019 Rating My interaction with the Good Sam Insurance agent was very professional, accurate and clear. This process could not have been done better.
08/14/2019 Rating Edison was very thorough and polite Carol, that sounds about right. We hear good things about Edison frequently from our customers, and are glad that you got to experience his exceptional customer service skills. If you need anything else, he'll continue to be your agent for the lifetime of your policy and would love to assist you. Thanks again, Carol, from your friends at the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
08/14/2019 Rating Very good service
08/14/2019 Rating All of the staff were very friendly and I was able to get a get a cheaper rate for my home insurance. Thanks for allowing us to provide you with peace of mind protection for your home, Bruce. We know that choosing an insurance provider for your biggest investment is a big deal, and we're happy that you chose us. In fact, if you want to add any insurance products to your policy at any point, we can certainly assist you with those needs. Thanks again, Bruce, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
08/14/2019 Rating The customer service team at Good Sam Insurance is always so helpful and just nice!
08/14/2019 Rating I dealt with several agents during my process to get RV insurance. Kelly was great but was not available to complete the purchase. This required dealing with another person who tried to help me in a rush situation which caused errors in the policy. I could not get in contact with that agent to fix them so I called the Foremost Insurance company direct. This caused great consternation as the errors made had to be dealt with before the corrections could be made. I had to re-contact them and got another agent who was able to fix and finally complete my purchase. Everyone was very helpful but it seems you cannot get back to the people you worked with on a previous contact. Do not know if that is due to some internal problem or the people just were not there any longer. Also never received a call from them after I had left a message to them. We're so sorry to hear that you weren't able to connect with your agent, Michael, and that errors were made on your policy. While we know that mistakes are made from time to time, we regret to hear about the trouble that it may have caused in your case. Please know that we take your review very seriously and are looking into what transpired in your case in hopes of improving your experience going forward. If we have any questions during our review, we'll be sure to reach out to you directly. Thanks again, Michael.
08/13/2019 Rating They were super helpfyl and made it easy to insure my travel trailer Thank you so much for choosing the Good Sam Insurance Agency for your travel trailer insurance needs, Serdar. Each year, we put together an RV insurance e-book that is designed with customers like you in mind. Here's the link: We invite you to take a look and let us know what you think!
08/13/2019 Rating Always a pleasure to do business with Good Sam! And it's always a pleasure to do business with you, as well, Helen! Welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency!
08/13/2019 Rating The process of getting the insurance is easy. Be ready to deal with a fair amount of emails though after payment. Then a survey to boot. Thanks for the review, Matthew. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and look forward to sharing your review with our leadership team. We aim to keep communication at an appropriate level, but we simply have to communicate information about new policies in a timely manner. We apologize if it seems excessive and again, look forward to reviewing our processes. Thanks again, Matthew. We're honored to hear from you, as well as to have you as a customer.
08/13/2019 Rating Competive price (more than $200 under what my old insurance quoted) and everything done over the phone. Painless! You just described an efficient insurance experience, Jo Ellen, which is one of the things we want to be known for. You also described a savings story, which we also want to be known for. Jo Ellen, thanks for sharing your review with us. We're honored to have you as a customer and to hear your incredible feedback. Welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency!
08/13/2019 Rating Good service setting up our policy. Got what I needed. We will see how it goes and review when I have had to use it.
08/13/2019 Rating I spoke with Paul Very helpful and respectful Thanks for letting us know, Virginia. If you need anything else, we hope you'll let Paul know. He would love to hear from you and assist you with any additional insurance needs you may have along the way. Thanks, again, from your friends at the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
08/13/2019 Rating Excellent service by knowledgeable and professional agent. Helped solve a sticky problem—we are going to store our 5th wheel in ME and Allstate wouldn’t insure it because it’s registered in FL! And, the premium was almost 50% less. 5 stars easily. Geoffrey, we're so glad that we could help you navigate a sticky situation. We get it and simply want to provide insurance that works for you and your unique RV situation. Thanks for being our customer, Geoffrey. We're honored that you chose the Good Sam Insurance Agency for peace of mind 5th wheel protection.
08/13/2019 Rating The price was great
08/13/2019 Rating Very pleasant experience with getting insurance through Good Sam for our RV . . . in fact they were competitive enough that we put all our vehicles with them~ Thanks for entrusting the Good Sam Insurance Agency with the care of your entire insurance portfolio, Jeffrey. It's got to feel good to have peace of mind protection for your biggest investments. And if you haven't already, we invite you to check out our free RV e-book: We know you'll find a few tips and tricks to apply that will really help ease your RVing lifestyle. Thanks again, Jeffrey. The Good Sam Insurance Agency is honored to have customers like you.
08/13/2019 Rating Very helpful understanding the policy and all what is covered
08/13/2019 Rating The agent I worked with was so patient and helpful. He made me feel like he had my back without the usual pressure to buy!!
08/13/2019 Rating They were absolutely amazing. I have been searching for new insurance since we moved. We had the greatest experience with Good Sam.
08/13/2019 Rating My agent was Mr Colin Robertson, Excellent ecperience. Answered every question and explained when necessary. Probably the best experience Ive ever had purchasing insurance, and Ive been buying insurance for 60 years. He is a credit to your company. Thanks for starting off our day with such a powerful review, John! We're honored to hear from you, but really honored to earn the accolades you bestowed upon us. Thanks for being a loyal customer to the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We sincerely value your business.
08/13/2019 Rating The process was easy
08/13/2019 Rating Easy access, polite, courteous representative with phone contact, prompt service & competitive price for the insurance we purchased.
08/13/2019 Rating Every one has been very helpful
08/13/2019 Rating Very clear explanations of coverage options. Loved that agents gave us their direct line vs a series of voice options. Also, there was no pressure to purchase one more thing. Yes Patty, each and every customer has an agent and as you noted, we actually encourage our customers to save their contact information for ease of access. Welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency, Patty. We know we'll continue to exceed your expectations every step of the way.
08/13/2019 Rating Good experience
08/13/2019 Rating Great service great rates. Easy to understand the benefits
08/13/2019 Rating Chris did great, I called before it was time to renew insurance on a 5th wheel, got the quote. Then because my "husband" and I were not married, on paper, after 25 years together. The PRICE when up 200.00. I felt suck, because I was already given a quote, I didnt have time to look for another insurance company. VERY FRUSTRATING. We're so sorry to hear that, Larry. We do all we can to counteract any factors that could raise rates. If you'd like, we'd be happy to offer you a complimentary insurance review. Please email us at if that's something you're interested in doing. Thanks again, Larry.
08/13/2019 Rating Easy process friendly helpful representatives I spoke to. Keep it simple
08/12/2019 Rating This transaction turned out to be a whole lot easier than I expected. The agent stated what he could do for us and after a week of thinking about the offer, we called back and we had. We're so glad that you took the time you needed to think through such a big insurance decision, Patrick. Making an informed insurance decision is so important! Thanks for doing your due diligence. In the end, we're of course glad that you ended up at the Good Sam Insurance Agency. Thanks for your business, Patrick, as well as your excellent customer rating.
08/12/2019 Rating Great timely, informative and full service !!
08/12/2019 Rating Good, really good.
08/12/2019 Rating I was very pleased with the extremely professional service i received from Jerrell Harvey. He was courteous, patient, kind, thorough and very accommodating. We found ourselves in a pinch for insurance and were shopping around. He got us exactly what we needed and wanted. It sounds like Jerrell really went above and beyond on your behalf, Karen, and we're so glad to hear it; that really is the way we do things at The Good Sam Insurance Agency. If you need anything else, we hope you'll pick up the phone and let Jerrell know. He'd love to hear from you and assist you with any additional insurance needs that come up along the way. Thanks again, Karen, from your friends at the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
08/12/2019 Rating Eric Smith did an exceptional job! He explained every detail for us to make a decision! KUDOS to ERIC! We'll be sure to share your kudos with Eric! Thanks for your compliments on his behalf, Allen, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency!
08/12/2019 Rating it was great
08/12/2019 Rating Very easy process even after having to make last minute policy changes for a the purchase our new travel trailer. Congratulations on your new travel trailer, Bernadette. If you haven't already, we hope you'll check out our free RV e-book here: When you're done, drop us a line to let us know what you thought of it.
08/11/2019 Rating Great job at explaining the policy to me, great job !!!
08/11/2019 Rating Great experience.
08/11/2019 Rating Havent had any claim experience but like the rv coverage, particularly the ability to place in storage at reduced rates. Larry, we hope that you never have to file a claim, but should you find yourself in that position, we want you to know that we'll help you navigate that process as quickly and easily as possible. In the meantime, enjoy that Good Sam-exclusive storage feature, Larry; it's sure to save you a bundle of money!
08/11/2019 Rating Great customer service.
08/11/2019 Rating Good rates
08/11/2019 Rating Our Agent Carla was fantastic! She helped make our transition very smooth and she even found us a carrier that offered a better polict for a lower premium than we currently had. Congratulations on securing budget-friendly insurance, Tina, without sacrificing coverage or protection. We are confident that your excellent customer rating will extend well into your policy and beyond. Thanks again, Tina, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance family.
08/11/2019 Rating Outstanding
08/11/2019 Rating Very informative and helpful.