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Good Sam Insurance Agency Customer Reviews

The Good Sam Insurance Agency has been serving the needs of recreational vehicle owners for nearly 50 years. From our very first customer to the thousands we serve today, we have always prided ourselves on providing an excellent customer experience. We train our agents extensively to ensure that each and every customer gets the proper level of coverage for your unique RV lifestyle. Our goal is 100% complete customer satisfaction, and we’re pleased to earn some of the highest customer ratings in the industry. We encourage you to check out reviews from some of our current Good Sam Insurance customers below.
Good Sam Insurance Agency has partnered with Birdeye, a third-party reputation management company In an effort to get reliable customer feedback relating to our products and services, the Good Sam Insurance Agency has partnered with Birdeye, a third-party reputation management company. The Good Sam Insurance Agency trusts Birdeye to aquire relevent, honest reviews about your experience with our Agency so we may better serve you as our customer.
Date Rating Customer Comment Our Response
11/18/2018 Rating The agent was very friendly and helpful. The whole experience was very good as well as informative.
11/18/2018 Rating Keeping bugging me about rating you
11/18/2018 Rating Great experience. Agent was knowledgeable and polite and worked over several weeks to answer all questions. Highly recommend.
11/18/2018 Rating Agent was very helpful and we are happy with the rate
11/18/2018 Rating Very professional and quick to respond to inquiries. The cost of the policies are very competitive. Keep this up and I will stay with you.
11/18/2018 Rating Very good and quick process.
11/18/2018 Rating Good: very helpful
11/18/2018 Rating Chris made the experience easy and pleasant
11/18/2018 Rating Excellent walk through the process
11/17/2018 Rating Good Sam Insurance co. Is an agent that you need if you own a recreational vehicle. They cover your camper inside and out. The coverage is the same as car ins. 250,000 per person and 500,000 per incident. Deductibles are up to you. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium. Plus 3,000 for your personal belongings that you carry in. It really is a good deal. We saved $1000.00 by taking the camper and our EZ GO25 LSV, limited speed vehicle off out combined policy and covered the interior of the camper.
11/17/2018 Rating great, fantastic
11/17/2018 Rating Easy to use web site. Options clear.
11/17/2018 Rating Stayed with my same insurance company so I called to cancel and gotten the run around. It seems they won't refund the money I prepaid for the year. First person said 5 to 7 business days. Second person said another 5 to 7 business days. Over 15 business days have passed and still nothing.I Wii tell everyone who talks to me about this shabby treatment
11/17/2018 Rating Fast and fair.
11/17/2018 Rating Eric was very friendly and helpful. We felt like he wanted the best for us on buying insurance.
11/17/2018 Rating I spoke with Claudia and she was very thorough and patient with all of my questions, as well as very professional.
11/17/2018 Rating It was a pleasure
11/17/2018 Rating Telephone staff was helpful and wait to be answered quickly. Used them to confirm my coverage😀
11/17/2018 Rating Melanie is very capable.....
11/16/2018 Rating looking forward to having you serve as our insurance co. as we travel all the time Thanks for choosing the Good Sam Insurance Agency, Dave, and please be safe on your travels!
11/16/2018 Rating I am very happy with the service
11/16/2018 Rating I changed over all my insurance policies to good Sam. the process was easy and their insurance agent was great. saved a few hundred dollars on my home , auto and RV. Thanks for making the switch to the Good Sam Insurance Agency, Kelvin. We're pleased to provide protection for all of your insurance assets, and know that extra savings will really come in handy. Thanks, again. Please let your Good Sam agent know if we can help you with anything else.
11/16/2018 Rating More then I expect great
11/16/2018 Rating everthing went well. Thanks
11/16/2018 Rating Smooth, timely and a great price
11/16/2018 Rating Easy sign up and saved a bunch of money! Congratulations on those savings, Andrew! The Good Sam insurance Agency is pleased to be able to put a few dollars back into your pocket while also giving you peace of mind insurance protection.
11/16/2018 Rating Cory was outstanding. Very informative, knowledgeable and great communicator. Very impressed. Happy our RV is insured with Good Sam. And that makes us happy, Anthony! Thank you for choosing to entrust your RV to the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We're honored to give you peace of mind protection whether you're in the RV park or travelling cross-country in your rig. Thanks again, Anthony!
11/16/2018 Rating The agent wa excellent and very helpful! I would have liked a bit more proactive communication during the application and approval process. Underwriting was also a challenge as they requested items in bits and pieces. Eventually it all worked but the cost ended up being more than had we stayed with Progressive. The only saving factor is being able to pay a lesser amount while it is in storage. However, the cost savings for 6 months in storage was only $200/year less than having a year round policy. Will withhold judgement as to whether it is worth it over this policy year.
11/16/2018 Rating Professional informed and to the point.
11/16/2018 Rating good experience , and actually in the US, and spoke English
11/16/2018 Rating Stacy was so helpful, I had a great experience! That's great to hear, Autumn. We always appreciate hearing from customers like you. It really does solidify that we're doing something right at the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
11/16/2018 Rating Shex the rep, so frirnfly, helpful Gave me all info for coverage, best rates! She obviouly loves her job
11/16/2018 Rating Called in with questions about an offer from the mail. Spoke with Rich. He was helpful and informative. Ended up finding me a better policy then I had and saved almost $300.00. Congratulations on saving so much money, Orson! We recognize the need to save money these days and are happy to put a few bucks back into your pocket, while providing better insurance coverage. If you need anything else, let us know. The Good Sam Insurance Agency is always here for you!
11/15/2018 Rating Derek knew RV policies inside and out, so we got the right policy for our needs. Plus, he saved us a little on our vehicles policies. Saving is so important these days, Heidi, and we recognize that. Thanks for choosing the Good Sam Insurance Agency, Heidi. It's an honor to have you as an RV Insurance customer.
11/15/2018 Rating Good rates. Easy to use web site Thank you so much, Cristian! We worked hard to redesign, and are always thrilled to hear that it's working well for our customer's needs.
11/15/2018 Rating Very responsive. Took care of my insurance needs at better price.
11/15/2018 Rating Very happy with service agent very knowledgeable and helpful
11/15/2018 Rating Good experience all in all.
11/15/2018 Rating came in lower than a rate i did not think you could beat with a lot more coverage
11/15/2018 Rating Agent was very helpful.
11/15/2018 Rating Dave has good prices and knowledge of insurance choices. Very happy
11/15/2018 Rating Prompt, accurate, timely, and superior service and coverage. A great value for the premium as well. Highly satisfied and have recommended others. Will continue to do so. Thank you so much, Joseph. We appreciate your referrals and would be honored to assist anyone you send our way. In fact, anyone interested in an RV, Auto or Home quote can call us at 1-888-514-1116 to speak with an agent.
11/15/2018 Rating Great experience. Hate shopping for insurance and Derek was exceptional.....made it so easy We get it, Donna. We can't necessarily make the insurance-buying process fun, but we can at least simplify it. We're so glad that you connected to swell with Derek. If you need anything else, please be sure to give Derek or any of our other Good Sam agents a call. Thanks again, Donna. We're grateful for your excellent customer review.
11/15/2018 Rating Good easy fast
11/15/2018 Rating Great help they did a great job helping us get a Policy for new camper hope we don't indirect regret it. James, we're sure you won't. With features like the storage option and discounts for insuring your RV and Auto on one policy, you can rest assured that you're well covered and enjoying a whole host of features and benefits. Thanks for choosing the Good Sam Insurance Agency, James. It's an honor to earn your business.
11/15/2018 Rating Prompt and Professional. Nick did a great job walking me through my options and then sending a quote. I email him to call meet a week later. He called promptly and walked me through the steps to finalize my policy and immediately emailed a copy to the RV company. I reviewed on line the companies that provide the best coverage and Good Sam was number one. Based upon my initial interations, I would tend to agree. What a thorough review, Bruce. Thank you so much! It's customers like you that continuously make the Good Sam Insurance Agency a #1 RV Insurance provider.
11/15/2018 Rating The agent, Ryan Rickards was patient and able to answer all of my questions. Great to work with. No pressure! Jeromy, on behalf of your agent Ryan and the rest of the Good Sam Insurance Agency, thank you so much! We're honored to earn such high marks from you and look forward to serving your insurance needs for years to come.
11/15/2018 Rating The agent was knowledgeable, efficient and customer friendly.
11/15/2018 Rating Nick Davy was very helpful and answered all my questions, and I had a lot of them! There's no such thing, Jeffrey! In fact, if you have any more, just call us. Nick and the rest of the Good Sam Insurance Agency are there to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for your five-star review, Jeffrey. It's an honor to serve your insurance needs.
11/15/2018 Rating I had been with the same insurance company for 50 years. You saved me over $1300 a year and give me better coverage to boot. Thank you so much!! Thank you so much for choosing National General Insurance, Donald. We know you'll be pleased with the savings, features and benefits offered by your new insurance policy. Thanks again, Donald. We hope to have you for even a fraction of the time you were with your previous insurance provider!
11/15/2018 Rating Excellent customer service and explained each step
11/14/2018 Rating I had the pleasure of working with Sundown. I had LOTS of questions. He took time to answer everyone. He made sure I was confident that he would still be available to me as would the team if I needed further assistance. I had a great experience and he had great patience . Thanks Sundown. Thank you, Jodi. We always appreciate hearing from customers who want to tell us about their experiences with the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We look forward to sharing your review with Sundown, as well as the rest of the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
11/14/2018 Rating Ana was most excellent representative of your company. Will certainly recommend Ana to friends. Thank you so much for recommending Ana and the Good Sam Insurance Agency to your family and friends, Stephen. We'd love to assist anyone with their RV, Auto and Home Insurance needs, and encourage them to call 1-888-514-1116 to speak to an agent. Thanks again, Stephen!
11/14/2018 Rating Tiffany was great. She found us exactly what we needed. Best of all, she was on top of everything. She was there to answer our calls or returned them quickly and was able to answer all our questions. It was a pleasant experience dealing with her. David, we assure you that the pleasure really was all ours! Thanks for choosing the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We're happy to hear that you're satisfied by the high level of service your agent Tiffany provided, and look forward to providing that same quality each and every time you call us. Thanks again, David!
11/14/2018 Rating Getting the policy I needed was easy! Very Pleased
11/14/2018 Rating I learned a lot and have a great savings on my motorhome Insurance. Thank you so much for choosing The Good Sam Insurance Agency for your motorhome insurance needs, Angine. We're delighted to serve your RV insurance needs and hope to have you as a customer for years to come.
11/14/2018 Rating very well, as expected.
11/14/2018 Rating Easy and competent. Can't remember his name.
11/14/2018 Rating Salesman was informative and helpful.
11/14/2018 Rating Answered all of my questions. Angelo was great!! Thanks so much, Donald. We will be sure to tell Angelo, as well as the rest of the Good Sam team. Thanks for your excellent customer rating. We know that it will really help other potential customers to make an informed insurance decision.
11/14/2018 Rating Great customer service
11/14/2018 Rating Joe was so helpful and a joy to do business with. He made every thing very simple. We look forward to sharing your review with Joe, Beverly. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your experience with your Good Sam Insurance agent. It's an honor to have you as a customer!
11/14/2018 Rating Agent worked with me while I was in the process of purchasing a new RV. Got me a Great price and answer all my questions. Congratulations on your new RV, Mike! What an exciting time for you! And we're thrilled that you chose the Good Sam Insurance Agency to protect your new rig. As a gift, we invite you to check out our annual RV ebook: You'll find nearly a dozen chapters designed to serve as a resource for new and experienced RVers alike. When you're done, let us know what you think!
11/14/2018 Rating I really don't know until I have a claim. Camping World was so rapid getting the insurance was just one small part of purchase. I know my Sams discount didn't work in the Camping world store so I had to make purchases the next day and I live over 35 miles away. We're so sorry to hear that, Robert. While we do have a partnership with Camping World, their store processes are separate from ours, so we can't speak to what may have occurred in the store. We will, however, pass along your review to our friends at Camping World to ensure they know what happened, and try to understand how to fix it. Thanks again, Robert. We look forward to serving your insurance needs going forward.
11/13/2018 Rating Consider this before using current auto insurance. Price is very fair.
11/13/2018 Rating My insurance rose ~30% over the previous year. No market globally has had this inflationary rate. I had to re-create my whole account to get a lower rate.
11/13/2018 Rating Bryan Did a great job making recommendations and guiding my decision to get the best deal on what I could afford. I will probably renew my other car policy with him as well. We would love to be a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs, Dennis. In fact, by combining your Auto and RV onto one policy, you may save as much as 20% on your insurance premium. If you decide to go that route, let Bryan know and he'll help walk you through the process. Thanks again, Dennis. The Good Sam Insurance Agency appreciates your loyalty.
11/13/2018 Rating Great seller
11/13/2018 Rating Corey Jacobs has been very helpful in getting RV and Golf Cart coverage. And you likely saved as much as 20% just by bundling your insurance assets, David! What's not to love about that?! Thanks again, David, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency!
11/13/2018 Rating Easy on line signup.
11/13/2018 Rating Did a great job. Got same coverage at a lower cost. More coverage for less money is always a good thing, Bennet! Thanks so much for allowing us to cover your insurance needs. The Good Sam Insurance Agency is honored to help protect your insurance assets.
11/13/2018 Rating It was easy to get RV insurance through Good Sam online. Quick, simple, and easy. Thank you so much, Adelina. We worked hard to revamp last year, and are so pleased to hear that it served your insurance needs well. While there, did you check out our RV ebook? If you haven't, please do yourself a favor and download it here: You'll find so many tips and tricks to help you stay safe in the RV park or on the road. Thanks again, Adelina, and welcome to the Good Sam family.
11/13/2018 Rating You are the best thank you so much I am telling avery one in the park they will be calling you Thank you so much, Rick. If you haven't already, we encourage you to also share our annual RV ebook: It's a free, quick and easy read that's chocked full of tips and tricks to help RVers just like you. Welcome to the Good Sam family, Rick. We're honored to have you.
11/13/2018 Rating very pleasant agent. Easy to talk to and no pressure.
11/13/2018 Rating Very easy and logical process to receive a quote. Made our decision that much better. Paperwork and information documents available promptly and downloadable for our records. So far very pleased. Tom, thanks so much for taking the time to tell us about your experience. It sounds like the processes we have in place at the Good Sam Insurance Agency really served you well. If you have any additional insurance needs, we hope you'll remember us. Thanks again, Tom.
11/13/2018 Rating Very Helpful and efficient.
11/13/2018 Rating AWESOME SERVICE!!!!!😊😊
11/13/2018 Rating Great help, thank you
11/13/2018 Rating Overall great experience and exceptional rates!
11/13/2018 Rating Got coverage right away no hassles. Just a few questions by an agent and we were good to go !!!!!!!!!! Excellent service!!! Thank you so much, Michael. It was an honor to provide you with an easy, efficient experience. Welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency!
11/13/2018 Rating Great experience
11/13/2018 Rating It was great. She did a great job
11/13/2018 Rating Went along very smoothly
11/13/2018 Rating Got a nice discount for having multiple policies, extremely nice to deal with, had a question about a quote given to me that they weren’t aware of they went out of there way to listen back to the recorded conversation and called me back to give me the price quoted me in that conversation, which they could of just told me they had no way of checking that and gave the price they quoted me. I was so pleased with them, they did everything they could to help me. So friendly, I wish everyone was with this company, love them! Becky, thank you so much for such a thorough review! We are so glad that we could help you secure the insurance you needed at a price you could afford. Thanks for choosing the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We're so honored to have you with us!
11/13/2018 Rating Agent was very helpful and polite.
11/13/2018 Rating Quick ... little higher than I wanted to spend. We totally understand, Nicholas, and assure you that we do all we can to find a policy that best fits your budget. Having said that, when your policy comes up for renewal, we encourage you to give us a call. We're always happy to conduct an insurance review to ensure that you're getting all applicable savings and discounts. Thanks again, Nicholas, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
11/13/2018 Rating Randa Jacops was pleasant to work with and was very knowledgeable. On behalf of Good Sam agent Randa, thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us and look forward to serving your insurance needs.
11/13/2018 Rating Great experience. Staff was Very knowledgeable and super to work with. They offered suggestions that really covered my needs Bruce, that's exactly why we're here. At the Good Sam Insurance Agency, we love to create custom RV, Auto or Home policies for each and every one of our customers. Thanks for choosing us, Bruce. We're honored to earn your business.
11/13/2018 Rating Great customer service. Stepped in and ensured a smooth transfer when existing provider decided to change policy criteria. Glad we could help, Tim! We know how confusing the insurance process can be and always aim to make it easier for customers like you. If you need anything else, we hope you'll continue to think of the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
11/12/2018 Rating Electronic is good process on CPU with Printer but being sole use of non Printer iPhone Technology I chose Phone with Hard Paper Mailings.
11/12/2018 Rating Nice, very informative.
11/12/2018 Rating Very helpful and saved me a lot of money.
11/12/2018 Rating We felt good about the plan. The numbers changed at the end a little but we feel good about our plan.
11/12/2018 Rating Very good experience. Very knowledgeable agent, Very easy to deal with. Explained things in terms I could understand.
11/12/2018 Rating The agent was great and it didn't take long to complete.
11/12/2018 Rating Best rates I’ve gotten for insurance. Easy process and the agent I got went above and beyond to make sure I had the best rates.
11/12/2018 Rating Greg was a very knowledgeable helpful agent for your company. He answered all my questions promptly and explained the policy in detail. He made us feel confident in purchasing our RV insurance and switching our auto insurance over to your company. He is an asset to your company and is a good representation of Good Sam . Thank you so much, Patricia. We're thrilled to be able to serve both your Auto and RV insurance needs. In fact, by switching to the Good Sam Insurance Agency, you likely saved as much as 20% on your insurance policy. What's not to love about that?! Thanks again, Patricia. We'll be sure to tell Greg about your review.
11/12/2018 Rating So far so good haven’t had a chance to look at it yet When you do, let us know if you have any questions, Gary. Your friendly Good Sam agent is just a phone call away to give you the clarity you may need.
11/12/2018 Rating Great,easy
11/12/2018 Rating Very good. Thank you
11/12/2018 Rating very great people
11/12/2018 Rating The agent was very knowledgable and very nice
11/12/2018 Rating Easy to talk to, answers any questions, and makes sure you understand everything.
11/12/2018 Rating Easy to get a quote over the phone so I was covered immediately. Best price for coverage. Also got rave reviews from my own insurance agent! Rhonda, please be sure to tell your insurance agent that we said thanks! :) Referrals really are the backbone of our business, and we're grateful for his kind words. If you need anything else, just let us know. The Good Sam Insurance Agency is lucky to have customers like you.
11/12/2018 Rating Easy to get thru and using camping world all got resolved quickly. No hassles. Martin, we have a longstanding relationship with Camping World and love having them as one of our partners. We look forward to sharing your review with them, as well as the rest of the Good Sam team. Thanks for your business. We're happy to take care of your insurance needs.
11/12/2018 Rating Much better than expected We like exceeding expectations, James! Thanks for choosing the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We're excited to have you with the Good Sam family!
11/12/2018 Rating much to involved to explain here but i will try to make it brief. i called goof sam insurance to get insurance on an rv that i had purchased here in texas. my regular insuror is american family and they don't insure in texas so i was forced to seek insurance elsewhere. since good sam specializes in rv insurance, i chose to call them. i was told that good sam's insurance could not cover me because i did not have a tow vehicle for the rv and it would have to be insured as a permanent unit. i DO have a tow vehicle but tried to explain to the agent that i preferred not to use it because it is an suv and i don't feel that suvs are really built strong enough to be used as a tow vehicle. the agent told me that since i didn't have a tow vehicle, i couldn't be insured by good sam insurance, but instead, would have to be insured by progressive. the quote from progressive appeared to be very costly. my previous rv unit had been covered for less than 300 dollars per year and the progressive quote was more than twice that. your agent made a few adjustments on deductibles and amount of coverage for contents and got the cost down to less than 600 dollars. i was willing to accept that amount temporarily because i wanted to make sure that i had insurance on this unit asap. your agent then said that he could not confirm my identity and asked for my driver license number and birthdate at least 4-6 times. he told me that because my identity could not be confirmed, that progressive would charge me well over 750 dollars for the insurance. i agreed to accept the quote for now because i wanted to assure that the unit would be covered immediately. i agreed to allow a 200 dollar payment by credit card so i would be covered, but i will be shopping for insurance that is not only less expensive but that is marketed by a local agent with whom that i can deal in person. i do not like dealing with an insurance agent by phone because past experience has shown me that customer service suffers when one cannot deal with the insurance agent/representative in person. i am covered by other good sam plans including roadside assistance and travel assist for a number of years. i have been fortunate enough not to have to use the travel assist, but have utilized the roadside assistance several times and have been generally satisfied with the program. but this current insurance experience with good sam has been unsatisfactory, annoying and frustrating.
11/12/2018 Rating Had to cancel and rewrite my policy to lower my premium. Pain in the Butt.
11/12/2018 Rating Have been member for years just love your service and your help. Keep up the great work. That's the plan, Roger! Thank you so much for your vote of confidence, as well as your loyalty to the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We wouldn't exist without customers like you!
11/12/2018 Rating He was very helpful with a good attitude and never gave up when the computers were not cooperating. It took us a couple of days but we got it done. We're so sorry to hear that it took a couple days, Catherine, but are so glad that your agent was able to get you the policy you needed. If you need anything else or have any questions, we're always just a phone call or click away.
11/12/2018 Rating Very precise and professional experience. Wish more businesses were this competent.
11/11/2018 Rating Your knowledgeable agent quickly guided me through the process and got me the coverage I was looking for!
11/11/2018 Rating Excellent customer service, very nice and pleasant to deal with.
11/11/2018 Rating My agent Virginia was awesome, she saved me a lots of money. I hope I never need to file a claim , but if I do I’m confident it will be taken care of in a timely manner We agree, Paul. We never want our customers to have to file a claim, but assure you that we'll be there with you if the need arises. In the meantime, we thank you for your excellent customer review of the Good Sam Insurance Agency. It's an honor to help you save money and better protect your insurance assets!
11/11/2018 Rating amazing experience
11/11/2018 Rating Great phone agent interaction. I was pleased with cost and coverage.
11/11/2018 Rating informative and helpful,Maria Foreman On behalf of Maria and the rest of the Good Sam team, thank you so much! We hope you'll keep us in mind if you have any additional insurance needs come up.
11/11/2018 Rating Great service and rates.
11/11/2018 Rating excellent service and competitive pricing on rates
11/11/2018 Rating Asked to cancel policy and refunded my money no hassle
11/10/2018 Rating THE AGENT WAS VERY COURTEOUS, PATIENT, AND WAS ABLE TO ANSWER ALL OUR QUESTION. THE AGENT WAS LUCY HO. Great to hear, Luis! We'll be sure to share your review with Lucy, as well as her supervisor. And if you need anything else, please give her a ring. Lucy's white glove service will continue well after you bind your policy with The Good Sam Insurance Agency.
11/10/2018 Rating Was very courteous and easy to do.
11/10/2018 Rating Chris Weisner was very professional in helping me save approximately $100 every 6 months, which really helps me, as I am on a fixed Social Security income! Am directing my girlfriend to contact Chris to see if He can save her money too? Claude, we know how important it is to stick to a budget these days and are so glad that we could help you save money. We also thank you for passing along your review of The Good Sam Insurance Agency to your girlfriend, and hope to put some cash back into her wallet, as well. Thanks again, Claude, and welcome to the Good Sam family!
11/10/2018 Rating The agent was very helpful and educational
11/10/2018 Rating Andrew did a wonderful job explained everything very well That's great news, Glen. We know there's a lot to think through when buying insurance, and simply want to do all we can to provide the guidance customers like you need. Thanks again, Glen, and welcome to The Good Sam Insurance Agency.
11/10/2018 Rating The agent helped me get my quotes on a number of different combinations of vehicles and liability options, and was very patient and pleasant with me. He took as much time as we needed and never made it seem like he needed to hurry up and do something else or answer another call. Deborah, we are so glad because you are our priority! If ever you have any other questions or additional insurance needs, we hope you'll think of the Good Sam Insurance Agency. Thanks again, Deborah!
11/10/2018 Rating The Agency representative I worked with did his best to get me the best quote possible. Professional and courteous staff are what will keep Good Sam with great reviews. Thank you so much, Judith. We certainly hope so and will continue offering top notch service to all of our RV, Auto and Home insurance customers.
11/10/2018 Rating excellent so far!
11/10/2018 Rating Called to get a quote with the storage option since we are only out about 2 months a year. Quote was $310 for comprehensive. Was told we could then call and activate liability and collision before going out paying just for the time used..I was paying $574 yr full coverage so seemed like a good savings. My broker stated she was a licensed ins rep in Georgia. I cancelled my other ins. And later got a letter stating that Georgia required continuous liability coverage or tags would be cancelled. Called National General back to get liability coverage added. Now bill is $600 yr. Without Collision. The rep being Georgia licensed should have made me aware that I couldn't opt out of liability, but then she wouldn't have made the sale..Buyer beware. Now to go undo this mess.
11/10/2018 Rating When buying my new RV from Camping world, you made the insurance process very simple Congratulations on your new RV, Vicki! If you haven't already, we encourage you to check out our new RV ebook: It's free and full of information that will really help you get acclimated with the RV life fast. When you're done, we'd love to know what you think!
11/10/2018 Rating The transaction by phone and email went great. The rep was very knowledgeable. Probably my best ever experience of this kind ever. That's really saying a lot, Phillip. Thank you so much! The Good Sam Insurance Agency has the best customers ever!
11/10/2018 Rating very poor, the lady that handle my business never gave me any conformation I have no idea if I have the insurance or not, I have receive nothing by mail or on my computer Her name is Marie I tried to reach her a number on time, she only answer once after I started to say I was going to contact Good Sam's She told me that is was being sent to me and I am still waiting after, over a Month, she also said it would be sent to my computer, but haven't receive a thing I have her phone number but don't want to send it on here Timothy A Richardfson
11/10/2018 Rating Setting up insurance was easy and the agent helped a lot. As it should be, Helen! :) Thanks for choosing the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We're always here both on line or over the phone should you find yourself in need of having a question answered.
11/10/2018 Rating Pleased with service and affordability. Knowledge of insuring RVs and coverage were reason for going through Good Sam versus State Farm Allison, going with an RV insurance provider really is in your best interest. Oftentimes RV owners go with a traditional auto insurance policy, which leaves them exposed to risks should they need to file a claim. We're always here to help best explain the difference and are glad that your agent explained that well. In fact, we expect you may have other questions at some point, and hope you'll give us a call when you do. Thanks again for your business, Allison. The Good Sam Insurance Agency is so honored to earn your business.