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Good Sam Insurance Agency Customer Reviews

The Good Sam Insurance Agency has been serving the needs of recreational vehicle owners for nearly 50 years. From our very first customer to the thousands we serve today, we have always prided ourselves on providing an excellent customer experience. We train our agents extensively to ensure that each and every customer gets the proper level of coverage for your unique RV lifestyle. Our goal is 100% complete customer satisfaction, and we’re pleased to earn some of the highest customer ratings in the industry. We encourage you to check out reviews from some of our current Good Sam Insurance customers below.
Good Sam Insurance Agency has partnered with Birdeye, a third-party reputation management company In an effort to get reliable customer feedback relating to our products and services, the Good Sam Insurance Agency has partnered with Birdeye, a third-party reputation management company. The Good Sam Insurance Agency trusts Birdeye to aquire relevent, honest reviews about your experience with our Agency so we may better serve you as our customer.
Date Rating Customer Comment Our Response
09/21/2018 Rating Excellent agent contact. Website was good but could use some improvements on the mobile device side.
09/21/2018 Rating Our representative Eddie was excellent. This was a lengthy process and he was wonderful and very accommodating. Good Sams saved us quite a bit of money on our insurance. I have recommended him and Good Sams to several family members. Thank you for a pleasant experience.
09/21/2018 Rating The rep was most helpful in finding a low cost policy that would insure my old trailer. Unfortunately, I already had a trailer policy with that company and my new trailer was just added to my existing policy.
09/21/2018 Rating I was able to get a price online very quickly, but I had trouble processing my credit card. I didn't want to risk getting charged twice, so I opened an online chat. All I wanted was an assurance that I wouldn't be double charged if I clicked submit again. Unfortunately, the chat agent told me I would have to talk with a sales rep. The rep was pleasant, but he insisted on going over all of the information I'd submitted before he would give me a price. The price turned out to be exactly what I had been told online, and it beat all the competitors. Just seemed like a big waste of my time and the rep's to have to do everything twice.
09/21/2018 Rating Overall it was a good experience. Josh was helpful and knowledgeable. Price could have been a little better I thought.
09/21/2018 Rating Took a while on the phone, but great service. If Good Sam stands behind it then I trust it, if I ever have a claim.
09/21/2018 Rating Painless way to buy a neccessary policy. In did think Progressive sent too many duplicate e mails.
09/21/2018 Rating Great service and was able to get. Better coverage at a cheaper price!!
09/21/2018 Rating Great people,(Tiffany Johnson) saved me a ton of money. Thanks for being there.
09/21/2018 Rating I was pleased with the coverage offered. I paid but so far I have received nothing to put in my vehicle to indicate that I am insured - no cards in the mail or printout on email. All I have is the one-page printout outlining my coverage. Should I expect something more than that?
09/21/2018 Rating The representative I spoke with was very courteous. I feel like I got a great rate on my insurance.
09/21/2018 Rating Excellent. All my questions and concerns were answered. I feel comfortable with the company.
09/21/2018 Rating Excellent and very quick! My agent Randa was very helpful and addressed all my concerns in a very professional manner, she was outstanding and very quick! Thank you for great, over the top service of my RV insurance needs. Than you, William
09/21/2018 Rating The agent gets 3.5 stars for getting my info and taking the money. YOUR POLICIES get 1 star! At no time was I told you take 4-6 WEEKS to send a card & policy!!! My trip starts a week from Saturday and I would have had NOTHING to prove I had EITHER Good Sam Club or Roadside Assistance. Today I called to find out why I hadn’t receive documentation. “Sheri” told me the 4-6 wk delay. She immediately emailed confirmation numbers for BOTH. This the age of computers- change that ridiculous policy of sending docs “in 4-6 weeks”! THAT deserves a -1 star rating!i was a GSC member for 10 years. Never had any problems then. Could it be you are so big now that common sense didn’t make the transition to bigger business.
09/21/2018 Rating Friendly and fast could not ask for more
09/21/2018 Rating Unfortunately I forgot the name of the representative who assisted me but he was patient, corteous, and honest. He did say your company would mail the insurance cards but I haven't received anything as of yet. Hopefully they will arrive soon.
09/21/2018 Rating Matt was very helpful in finding a good rate for our first motor home. He gave good recommendations and lots of helpful information.
09/21/2018 Rating Very easy to receive quote and set up policy
09/20/2018 Rating Easy and great
09/20/2018 Rating friendly, easy to work with and smooth process
09/20/2018 Rating We were well taken care of by everyone we contacted. Questions were answered and explained thoroughly.
09/20/2018 Rating The lady explaining it to me was VERY POLITE. WE JUST GOT IT TWO DAYS AGO AND HAVENT USED IT YET.
09/20/2018 Rating Andrew was outstanding in finding us comparable insurance. We switched and saved $700 annually.
09/20/2018 Rating Operator was very pleasant and willing to assist without pressuring the sale. Outstanding employee. I'm sorry I don't remember her name.
09/20/2018 Rating Representative I spoke with was very nice, courteous and knowledgeable.
09/20/2018 Rating Was surprised to learn that my old ins. Did not cover all situations. The savings is about 400.00 per year!!!!! VERY HAPPY WITH THAT. YOUR REP. Was very knowledgeable about NY INS. Law, and I am confident I made the best decision. Thanks!!!! Ceil Pacos
09/20/2018 Rating Very helpful representative who provided good information quickly and efficiently. Was able to save money and get better coverage.
09/20/2018 Rating Very friendly efficient and quick. A+
09/20/2018 Rating I had to call and have the VIN number corrected.
09/20/2018 Rating Great job I saved money on my RV and motorcycles.
09/20/2018 Rating Extremely friendly and very helpful
09/20/2018 Rating prompt and curtious
09/20/2018 Rating After 2 hours deciding what camper to buy, got strong armed into listening to a 23 minute sales pitch just to start the paperwork which didn't include title and registration. 2 more hours we finally left. Ruined the rest of the day.
09/20/2018 Rating Good fast service. No complaints. Very easy to get insurance. The person I spoke to was very helpful
09/20/2018 Rating Zach was great! Very pleasant experience.
09/20/2018 Rating My agent Brittany was very helpful and patient with helping me get swapped on my auto, camper and buggy. It was a great insurance experience, which is probably a first for being able to say that.
09/20/2018 Rating Agent was nice and professional. Didn't try to push anything extra just what I needed.
09/20/2018 Rating Was fast and easy for there service that I needed. Thanks
09/20/2018 Rating GOOD SAM Insurance prices were way better than through our regular insurance company for the exact same coverage. So we purchased GOOD SAM insurance for our RV. The only thing that was annoying was having them call constantly during the day when I was on the computer, (8) EIGHT TIMES within (2) HOURS and NOT LEAVING A MESSAGE. If someone is going to MAKE A CALL, the least they could do is LEAVE A MESSAGE. Thank You.
09/20/2018 Rating Great customer service and support
09/20/2018 Rating Great experience
09/20/2018 Rating When I purchased my motor home I instinctively went with the insurance company that I use for all of my other insurance needs, but after just a few minutes on your website, I realized that decision was a mistake! Your rates are awesome and your website is as easy and helpful as it could ever be. Thank you!!
09/20/2018 Rating Great service
09/20/2018 Rating Informative, personable, saved me money!
09/20/2018 Rating Very helpful and satisfied
09/19/2018 Rating Very helpful, friendly, and informative
09/19/2018 Rating The customer service was outstanding and "Stacey" couldn't have been a more professional person. Additionally she spoke clear and understandable English which in this day and age is rare.
09/19/2018 Rating Very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable! I would recommend them to anyone!
09/19/2018 Rating You got me back to being insurance after being DROPED.
09/19/2018 Rating Good rates offered by a well informed gal - it was fast and easy!
09/19/2018 Rating I can't remember his name but he was very helpful
09/19/2018 Rating Good service, reasonable pricing.
09/19/2018 Rating Appreciated the effort made by the Good Sam Insurance Agency representative in finding us the least expensive and suitable insurance for our RC. This was our first experience insuring an RV and it is much different than insuring a regular car. Although we didn't end up with the least expensive, we ended up with a reputable company. The initial quote and actual policy quote were a little different (higher) but I guess that is to be expected.
09/19/2018 Rating Good experience!
09/19/2018 Rating Looks like we will get better coverage and save money; a win/win.
09/19/2018 Rating I have only owned the policy now for about a week so my experience is limited. The process to get this far was very easy.
09/19/2018 Rating Thanks the sales rep was helpful and knowledgeable. Helped me get what I needed and with little energy on my part. I hope we will not need to use the insurance but if we do I will let you know about the experience.
09/19/2018 Rating The agent was very helpful l and a pleasure to talk to
09/19/2018 Rating When I bought my RV I saw an old sticker on the back of it and thought I would call. It was well worth the call. I got all the info I needed and actually changed Insurance companies to Good Sam. Thank you for the person that I talked to also. Excellent....
09/19/2018 Rating I was upset with my original reason why my pmt went up so much asked for supervisor she was helpful them forwarded me to Eddie Robinson to see if he could lower or bill further and he was and also was able to save us on our homeowners insurance and then lower autos even further due to multiple policy discounts.
09/19/2018 Rating My telephone conversation with Good Sam representative, Brandon was professional and friendly. We discussed my insurance needs and I was sold an appropriate policy without any high pressure to purchse products I didn't need. The Good Sam pricing is below that of competators, although this fact wasn't the deciding factor, Brandon's knowlege and professionalism was. I look forward to a long relationship with Good Sam Insurance.
09/19/2018 Rating Very good experience
09/19/2018 Rating LOWERED MY INS!!!!
09/19/2018 Rating Exceptional experience, huge savings, and immediate quote.
09/19/2018 Rating thought you were your own carrier, not shop to someone else. disappointed
09/19/2018 Rating Rep was through, pleasant and did not waste my time.
09/19/2018 Rating It was very easy, and convinient
09/19/2018 Rating Everyone I talked to was very nice and knowledgeable about what I was looking for.
09/19/2018 Rating Jorge was able to anticipate what we needed with just a few questions and saved us almost $500 a year!!
09/19/2018 Rating People were great and very helpful
09/19/2018 Rating Good job thanks .
09/19/2018 Rating Representative listened to my questions and helped me make the appropriate choices for my needs.
09/19/2018 Rating Good experience. Agent was very prompt and knowledgeable. The only issue was the $ amount on our phone calls was not what was charged to my credit card. I have written the agent about this and waiting for a reply.
09/19/2018 Rating My agent was very polite, very informative, and very knowledgeable. A great experience and great to work with.
09/19/2018 Rating So very simple. It was easily the most simple insurance quote/purchase I've ever had.
09/19/2018 Rating Very positive experience changing companies ..prev Progressive customer
09/19/2018 Rating Service was good. Representative was friendly, knowledgeable and offered several available insurance options.
09/19/2018 Rating Dominique was very helpful and couteous
09/19/2018 Rating The gentleman who helped me was very polite and explained everything about the insurance coverages and how they were different from regular insurance as far as an RV goes. It was very easy to get the policy done and the price was great!
09/19/2018 Rating Took care of everything I wanted done.
09/19/2018 Rating Policy was written for a lower amount than I told Joe was needed. He never returned two phone calls I made too him regarding this error.
09/19/2018 Rating Alex our agent was very helpful. I hope the service will be as good in the coming years
09/18/2018 Rating Initial response for Insurance was very fast. The Agent we worked with was very knowledgeable and helpful. Price is very competitive.
09/18/2018 Rating Great job. I would recommend your insurance services.
09/18/2018 Rating Well. I can only rate the startup service and nothing else. I would rather wait to rate when I need service, etc. Then, it would make sense to give an more accurate review overall.
09/18/2018 Rating Maria was very well informed and patiently explained everything.
09/18/2018 Rating I don't do this
09/18/2018 Rating Received excellent service, agent explained and answered all my questions and got the coverage I needed.
09/18/2018 Rating I loved it
09/18/2018 Rating Knowledgeable and courteous representative helped me bundle my RV and auto insurance and saved me hundreds of dollars compared to my current plans.
09/18/2018 Rating Great professional service, save just bunches of money. Very pleased with the courtesies extended to us!
09/18/2018 Rating Great experience! Loved Erin’s sales approach. Great price!! Hopefully, it works for us.
09/18/2018 Rating Very good saved mel lots money
09/18/2018 Rating Start to finish super quick & easy! Our insurance rep answered all of my questions plus, his knowledge & comparative industry experience was top notch!! Thank you Brandon!!
09/18/2018 Rating The response time was excellent the service was great.
09/18/2018 Rating I've had Good Sam insurance for many years and am very pleased.
09/18/2018 Rating Found a rate I could live with
09/17/2018 Rating Gigi was great, she answered all questions and the quote was great. Many things are offered for the RV community that car insurance companies donot offer. I would recommend, although I have not had a claim, when I leave a message ,I did received a call back, that is important to me.
09/17/2018 Rating Awesome fast courteous service and extremely nice and helpful. Jason came to our rescue from Towmater Towing.
09/17/2018 Rating Brittany was very helpful.
09/17/2018 Rating Saved me over $600 and got more coverage
09/17/2018 Rating It was pleasant but unclear at the end
09/17/2018 Rating Knowledgeable sales staff. Competitive pricing.
09/17/2018 Rating Good customer service, explained full layout of plans
09/17/2018 Rating Great experience quick and thorough highly recommend. Dave
09/17/2018 Rating Sam did a GREAT job in winning me over from All State
09/17/2018 Rating Representative was helpful and professional.
09/17/2018 Rating Eddie Ribinson answered all my questions, did not get upset When I interrupted him mid sentence for clarity. Overall great experience.
09/17/2018 Rating He did everything he said he was going to do and he was very polite.
09/17/2018 Rating Fast and easy!! Brittany was very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous!! A great experience all around.
09/17/2018 Rating Very efficient.
09/17/2018 Rating Brandon was very knowledgeable. He suggested raising limits that made sense and not just for the sake of doing it or just to increase the price of the policy. He made several changes, several times and was always helpful and we felt like he wanted to help us. We feel like we got the best insurance at the best price.
09/17/2018 Rating A+service.Highly recommend.
09/17/2018 Rating Great deal on insurance
09/17/2018 Rating Excellent service and follow-up
09/17/2018 Rating Good rates
09/17/2018 Rating Awesome!!!!!
09/16/2018 Rating Was very satisfied got good coverage and paid less than I was paying. Was very happy
09/16/2018 Rating Good Sam has been great to work with. Gave me a competitive price and we discussed options that I had not considered. Plus they included a membership with my insurance. Very happy customer here!
09/16/2018 Rating did review earlier however thought I sending info to good sam and may get response from them. DO NOT WANT EARLIER REVIEW PUBLISHED. may do one after I get all resolved.
09/16/2018 Rating Great help
09/16/2018 Rating Told the agent my camper would be kept in S.C. most of the time. This did not get put on my policy. When I called to confirm my insurance policy because I had not received my packet and the hurricane was heading to S.C., The agent said you need a S.C. policy not a N.C. policy. We must change this. No problem I said. I just want to make sure I have Coverage just in case. After he changed my policy I came home later and set up my online account. When I looked at my policy it showed it would not come in to effect until sept 26. I have had coverage since sept 1 when I purchased The new camper and could not be without coverage. It took quite some time and many differ customer service peoples help to get coverage back on my camper. The agent that changed my policy from N.C. to S.C. seemed clueless to what your policy is regarding hurricane procedures. He also said my camper would have to be registered in S.C. instead of N.C. where I live. I have checked and this does not seem correct. Other insurance companies have informed me they can write a S.C. policy and I can still register my camper in my home state. This is important to me because of tax filing, registration cost, etc. At this point I think everything is good on my coverage but am looking to verify the registration question.
09/16/2018 Rating very thorough and detailed quotes. the agent was helpful, knowledgeable, made sure we got the coverage we needed for our motor home. very pleasant personality and was patient while he was working on procuring the most efficient policy for a price we felt was good.
09/16/2018 Rating Jimmie was a great help, very professional and friendly. He is an asset to your business.
09/16/2018 Rating We just acquired a Class-A motorhome and we are complete novices. Good Sam has been very friendly and helpful and the suggestions provided were beneficial. Thank you.
09/16/2018 Rating Thank you for all you did to get us coverage
09/16/2018 Rating She was thorough, understanding, knowledgeable and helped with the new policy process.
09/16/2018 Rating I called for a quote and got a great rate. They made it easy and I have really good coverage now.
09/16/2018 Rating It was fine
09/16/2018 Rating I got a new truck and a new toy hauler trailer. And with good Sam I was able to combine those two items along with my side-by-side which makes it a much better policy to have everything under one roof. I also was able to lower my cost.
09/16/2018 Rating Paul, your representative, was excellent with both knowledge and energy.
09/16/2018 Rating Brittney, was very helpful explaining the policy and options available to me. I appreciate the help.
09/16/2018 Rating Was given a non existing account number. Was not told I had to pay for a month ahead for insurance. This over drafted my bank account three transactions. . The last four digits of my social security number is wrong on my account. Was not told that more information waz needed for motor home, so no policy waz written for it, but waz given a discount for more than one policy and was charged for the policy that was not written . What I thought was a great deal has turned into a nightmare! !!!!!!!!
09/15/2018 Rating Fantastic experience! Very helpful. Made sure we understood what we were purchasing and the benefits.
09/15/2018 Rating Everyone we spoke with at Good Sam explained everything clearly and bv went out of their way to make sure we understood what we wrtr purchasing and the benefits.
09/15/2018 Rating Great experience very thorough
09/15/2018 Rating Excellent and quick service. Thank You. very knowledgeable.
09/15/2018 Rating The attending agent was personable, informative and pleasant to do business with.
09/15/2018 Rating My chat that ended in buying my insurance on my campers there, was great!!! Will explained , in detail, every question that I asked. He also explained the coverage etc. Thank you. Pat PS. I'm not sure this is the agent I talked to, my agent's name was Will and he was GREAT!!
09/15/2018 Rating My agent, Cory Jacobs, at NGIC couldn't have been nicer and professional!! He was very thorough, but, very friendly st the same time! Liberty Mutual was my current company when I called him.... they wanted to raise my rates another $18/mo above the $65.50 I was already paying on a 19 year old vehicle. NGIC more than made me happy!
09/15/2018 Rating Our representative Jorge was very helpful and knowledgable he made our isurance experience well worth our time!